META X DAO Tapping into the Future of Digital Economy, 2022 World Summit of Economic was held in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, Feb 27th: 2022 World Summit of Economic was held by META X DAO, revolving around various topics including decentralization, common vision, governance mechanism, development direction of DAO. The summit is held through online and offline platform simultaneously with big shots and investors actively interacting face to face, which led to a huge success.

META X DAO Tapping into the Future of Digital Economy, 2022 World Summit of Economic was held in Kuala Lumpur

Guests attending this summit:

H.E. MOHAMED LAMINE CONDE(Ambassador to Malaysia, Republic of Guinea)

Mr. Steven Chiu (Consul General to Malaysia, Comoros)

H.E. Mamady Camara (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Malaysia, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau)   

Yg Berbahagia Dato’ Sri Liong Kee Hua (Founder of Hong Kong Dongmei Group, early investor of META X DAO)

Y.Bhg Dato Sri Gideon Lim (Global Commercial Director, Royal Negeri Sembilan Foundation, early investor of META X DAO )

Mr Vang,Chairman of Turkey Fulai Capital,,Co-Founder of Hong Kong Dongmei Group, early investor of META X DAO )

MalaysiaYg Berbahagia Dato’ Mohd Anuar Bin Mohd Hanadzlah (Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance)

Yg Berbahagia Dato’ Gobinath Mohanna (representative of the Prince of Malaysia, Royal Barrister)

One of the key questions that the audience cares about the most during the discussion is, “Since Metaverse is not in a mature state yet, can we invest in it currently?” Mr Vang replied, “if something comes out brand new but only few people uses it, I would be one of them who start using it first, thinking whether there will be more users in the long run. Once we choose a project, we will participate in it for a long time, because it is still in an early stage with a long way to go ahead of it. We are the stakeholder, not only the shareholder, wishing that everyone can benefit from it. “

H.E. MOHAMED LAMINE CONDE(Ambassador to Malaysia, Republic of Guinea) stated that African countries is curious towards the development of the block chain and are willing to learn more about it. They are also at the forefront of the world by acknowledging this new form of economy.

Apart from that, the audiences were concerned about the future of DAO, whether it represents the next inevitable trend of digital economy development or not. Mr. Steven Chiu, (Consul General to Malaysia, Comoros) gave his personal statement. He believed that the organizational form is  always evolving with the rapid change of production environment, from the corporate system developed in the industrial era to the DAO in the digital economy era. In the industrial era, it will be necessary to spend a long time in completing a production closed-loop link . Efficiency of each and every individual boost when everyone is working for him or herself, compared with that of a company. As a result, the best management method of a company is not having one. And that is to say, DAO is an inevitable trend!

Y.Bhg Dato Sri Gideon Lim( Global Commercial Director, Royal Negeri Sembilan Foundation,early investor of META X DAO ) echoed with the opinions mention above, being very optimistic about a decentralized organization named META X DAO in 2022, regarding it as the perfect combination of Metaverse and DAO development.

It is acknowledged that META X DAO, a community self-governance platform established by David Arnett and his supporters, is aiming to develop DeFi products in a decentralized organizational model. Most of the core team members are from Google and are early blockchain spiritual geeks, forming a completely decentralized volunteer team. Currently, META X DAO is building a good ecosystem rapidly in the field of NFT and Metaverse, with the smart contract code audited by a well-known auditing firm named CERTIK.

Apart from what’s been mentioned above, Mr Vang believed that the consensus of META X DAO is not an IP or a people-oriented one, but a code and an intelligent contract consensus. He expressed that META X DAO, as a decentralized and autonomous traffic platform, the sky is the limit in terms of future. Development. Both NFT and Metaverse applications can use this platform as a traffic portal, and all consensus participants can profit from it!

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