Meta Grand Master Builds an Inestimable Value Ecology from Metaverse to SocialFi!


Following the explosion of GameFi and NFT, the SocialFi concept has come to life. SocialFi is an attempt to DeFi the social economy, where issuers benefit from directly connecting with participants through social tokens. In addition, ordinary participants can gain more benefits through the financialization and tokenization of their social influence.

As early as in 2017, SocialFi started exploring its path back in 2017, but failed to get a lot of development because the focus of the market and the technology are not perfect at that time. With the development of DeFi, more market hotspots are being explored, and users of encryption industry have a clearer and deeper understanding of Web3.0 and decentralization, we are now able to take a rich perspective of where SocialFi is going and build more imaginative protocols.

As a platform spearheaded by the SocialFi trend, Meta Grand Master has created a comprehensive ecology of metaverse, NFT, DeFi and Social, creating a financial world that is completely created by players.

In Meta Grand Master, social and learning are an important part of social activities. The team of Meta Grand Master believes that ineffective social will not be the future of the metaverse. The team tries to create and actively promote a social behavior through learning and disseminating knowledge of financial economics, and rewards our governance tokens for this behavior. This efficient learning and social will lead to rapid advancement and fulfillment of value in the MGM metaverse.

“Based on the concept of UGC, users can freely forge NFT identity and sponsor activities, earn tokens by participating in simple and interesting games, learn financial knowledge, build, manage and share the StudyFi metaverse together, and finally achieve ‘learning for use’, and everyone can become a MASTER of wealth.” Andrew Hope, one of the founders of Meta Grand Master, said when talking about his vision that he hoped that through Meta Grand Master, everyone could grow and achieve financial freedom happily through learning in this world.

Andrew Hope, an Oxford University mentor and renowned blockchain expert, spearheaded the creation of a technical team of dozens of technicians with Zack Chrich, founder of Digital Mark. In December 2021, their team successfully obtained a $100,000 investment from ARK Investment. The team announced on Twitter that Meta Grand Master will start the global open beta in early 2022.

In the original world of Meta Grand Master1.0, there were simple flat features, limited identities, and simple financial activities. Players can get governance tokens by participating in these activities, which give them the right to govern, to make financial rules and develop other financial activities together, such as rules for opening banks, launching funds, designing insurance companies, and so on.

It is important to note as well that the future development planning of Meta Grand Master will be jointly decided and governed by the DAO organization. The DAO organizes membership in players and sets rules for entry and exit. The team of Meta Grand Master provides an organizational framework and a voting system that allows players to submit proposals and allow decisions and actions to be taken by those willing to vote.

According to the planning of Meta Grand Master, they will gradually improve the ecology and create a SocialFi platform that is more imaginative than GameFi over the next two years. When the social circle of the encryption world is opened layer by layer, more value elements will be stimulated and released in this huge communication. As for the specific look, the team of Meta Grand Master can magnify social and game by multiple of a power, and the final result will be immeasurable now.

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