MeRace | FunBall, the first metaverse competitive game of MeRace, will be online officially on January 20, 2022


Recently, the metaverse competitive ecological platform MeRace announced that FunBall, its first large-scale 3D metaverse football competitive game, will start closed beta test on Jan. 20 and will open its qualification to white list users. The game is expected to enter the internal test stage on Feb. 10 and will start public test stage on March 10. The upsurge belonging to FunBall has started.

Professional teams research and develop There will be rich game content

FunBall is the first metaverse concept game under MeRace, which is different from the relatively simple same concept game in the market. FunBall has made great efforts in game architecture and effect production. The research and development team is from the original EA Sports. Based on the scene of real football competition, it adopts PVE, PVP and other game playing methods. In order to create a more immersive game experience, FunBall will also introduce the VR technology newly researched by MU laboratory into the game. Players can play real-time games in the game through VR devices and feel the pleasure of playing football on the court.

The main mode of FunBall is that players form an 11 person team to participate in the competition. In unit time, they can win through attack, defense and tactical strategies, and get rewards. The key factor affecting the victory is the players. Players can get players from the mall and blind box. However, it is worth mentioning that FunBall has set an upper limit on the total number of players, which makes each player have unique value in the game. At the same time, the scarcity of roles also has collection significance.

Up to 100000 MER award Players are all enthusiastic

When it comes to competitive competition, we have to mention the corresponding rich rewards. FunBall has set up a variety of reward forms, such as the passionate high ladder mode. Players need to win the title through the battle. Each time they win the battle, they can get FBL rewards, and there are additional rewards to get the title. In addition, the game will hold daily competition, weekly competition, monthly competition and season carnival every month. Players can get up to 100000 MER awards through competition.

FunBall also updates the ranking list every day according to the player’s comprehensive strength value, and issues rewards with a total daily amount of 9 million FBL. In other words, by cultivating high-level and high-quality players, players can create a team with higher combat power. In the game, they can not only win the game and get bonuses, but also get additional game ecological incentives every day. Rich and high reward mechanism is also the key content of the heated discussion among players this time.

Top capital invested Over 100 guilds established

One month before FunBall’s closed beta test, top blockchain capital BAF, GCC and other institutions have invested millions of dollars in the MeRace platform, most of which is used to strengthen the research and development of FunBall. The organization once admitted that the event created by FunBall has a perfect system and economic model, which can continuously attract the interest and attention of players. The research and development personnel of FunBall also said that the early focus was to establish partnerships with players, hoping to bring players different game experiences in the past.

It is not only capital institutions that are optimistic about FunBall, but also got a good response in the game market. The game has not been officially released. According to the statistics of professional institutions, more than 100 relevant game associations have been established in the Asia Pacific region, and professional players are recruiting to participate. Many professional players are also full of expectations. It can be seen that FunBall not only meets the appetite of the market, but also a wise choice for the market.

FunBall is a key masterpiece in the game ecology of MeRace. The popularity of the game has strengthened MeRace’s determination to move towards a truly independent and open decentralized game metaverse. In the future, MeRace will gradually open platforms, nodes, communities and other contents in order to establish a benchmark in the field of metaverse games.

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