Meghan Markles received a ‘fresh new snub via the ‘edit button


Meghan Markle’s received a ‘fresh new snub’ via the ‘edit button’

Royal experts are of the opinion that King Charles’ decision to edit Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s name in the Royal Family’s website is more like a ‘fresh snub’.

These claims about Meghan Markle have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She broke all her thoughts down in a piece for

This piece referenced the couple’s alleged bid to turn ‘Meghan’ into a brand and said, “If aliens landed on earth tomorrow, after they had downloaded TikTok, tried a Twix and absorbed the entire 10 seasons of Love Island in under three seconds, then I would imagine their next priority would be to come to grips with ‘Meghan’. Who and what?”

Ms Elser also added, “When the extraterrestrial invasion comes, to answer the ‘Meghan’ question, I really hope no one suggests they consult the royal family’s updated official website, with her entry having been very curiously pruned and strangely altered.”

Because “this week, the royal family essentially delivered a fresh snub to the Duchess of Sussex via the edit button.”

“It’s exactly as dullsvilles as you would imagine – each person’s entry enthusiastically enumerating said Windsor’s particular areas of charitable interests and just how gosh darn hard they plug away on behalf of Crown Inc.”

“That is, until you get to Meghan’s page. At first click, the entire entry appears to be six sentences long and is so lacking in warmth that one is liable to get frostbite just reading it.”

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