Meghan Markle holds Archie, Lilibet to ‘different set of rules


Meghan Markle holds Archie, Lilibet to ‘different’ set of rules

Meghan Markle is being blasted for allegedly holding a different set of rules for Archie and Lilibet, when compared to the rest of the world.

Accusations of this nature have been issued by royal commentator Jan Moir.

Her admissions have come in a piece for the Daily Mail.

In this piece she pointed out the ‘hypocrisy’ of the Duchess, while referencing the release form she circulated to 7-year-olds before her appearance at an underprivileged school.

In response to this Ms Moir wrote, “It is no secret that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have gone to desperate lengths to protect the privacy of their own children.”

Because “Since Archie and Lilibet were born, all the public has seen are pixelated baby faces, a foot here, the back of a head there.”

With this at the forefront “it all seems rather ridiculous, but if that is what they want, then fine.”

Before concluding she also went as far as to add, “However, when it comes to respecting the privacy of other children, or honouring their rights as fellow citizens of the world who are free to express their own opinions, a very different set of rules applies. Typical.”

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