MCC: Data Storage To Be Decentralized in the Future


The Internet is everywhere and used to communicate with your lover, work and play together. The wonder of the Internet is that people share so much with each other in the past 25 years based on very fragile infrastructure.

We produce plenty of data, as numerous as the sands of the Ganges, and the profound change in the way of storing and protecting the data happens.

MCC: Data Storage To Be Decentralized in the Future

The Internet is constantly evolving, and there are countless single-point failures in today’s network. MCC believes that the Internet decentration and point-to-point characteristic must be strengthened which MCC is engaging in. Based on Blockchain and IPFS technology, MCC builds a decentralized information data storage and value incentive network and is building a new ecosystem of distributed storage including digital asset, data cloud storage and underlying storage mining. It is aimed at eliminating the central point of failure, enhancing the resilience of the Internet, and storing the information longer.

As for the resilience of the Internet, the mining becomes a heavy asset investment other than venture investment with uncertain earnings. In this case, the cloud computing power mining emerged. Due to such characteristics as easy and simple operation, low investment, intuitive earnings and effect and asset-light input, the cloud computing power mining likely becomes an important form of mining in the future.

The MCC cloud computing power platform is invested by MCC, links the high-end resources from many countries and regions, is headquartered in Coronado, establishes a representative office in Hong Kong, China and cooperates with Microsoft, AMD, SAP, ARS and Linden. Therefore, MCC has a strong background foundation and financial support, a leading industry competitiveness, a huge number of users and a promising market environment.

IPFS is praised as the world-class Blockchain project, the next generation of decentralized Internet infrastructure protocol and the trillion-cloud storage market. As the leader in the distributed storage industry, MCC will carry out one-stop guarantee of user requirements for storage services, and aggregate a series of behaviors (such as mining, transaction and data) into its implementation and application.

MCC is aimed at providing the global users with the most cost-effective cloud computing power, building the ecological big data storage and management platform and ensuring the ecological big data is stored safely, stable and reliable, and shared effectively. Based on the original coordination mechanism of MCC, the mutual support and mutual encouragement are conducted to complete the open circulation of value and provide the public with joint-construction and win-win value delivery system.

This is the MCC-a global cloud computing power product service platform hammering at ensuring “everyone can participate in mining”.

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