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A man’s post about why he quit his job on the first day has sparked a discussion on Reddit. He shared how he left his job because he felt it would be “too much travel” for him between his workplace and home. Furthermore, he also asked Redditors for their suggestions concerning his situation.

The man shared he has to travel for quite some distance in metro (representational image). (Unsplash/@charles_forerunner)

“Got a job in a decent company with a decent pay. They wanted people and hired me instantly after some rounds of interview. I got excited as it was my first job but realised it would be too much to travel. I live in the northwest part of Delhi (Pink line) and the job was based in “Moulsari Avenue”. I wanted the on-site exposure since I’m a hella introvert. Upon some calculations I realised I’ll only be at home for 3 hours (considering the office work + commute). Also it would cost around 5k monthly ka for travelling. I can’t relocate. Give me some suggestions. Most of the well settled companies reside in Gurgaon so idk what shall I do. Do people who work spend the majority of their hours in a day outside??? Edit: I’ll be at home for 10 hours. 7 hours sleep + 3 hours,” he wrote in his post.

Later, in an edit he added that after seeing the reactions to his post he felt the decision to quit his job was taken hastily. “I did wrong. I didn’t know every other person travels this much. I had no one to talk to so I made an impulsive decision. I’ll do better and the next time I will grab any other opportunity I’ll get. Thanks guys,” he added.

Take a look at this post about a man quitting his job on his first day:

The post was shared a day ago. Since being posted, it has accumulated close to 400 upvotes and the numbers are increasing. Additionally, several Redditors took to the comments section to share their opinions.

What did people say about the man’s reason for quitting his job?

“I travel to Gurgaon from Ghaziabad. 120-130 minutes per side. Have some colleagues who travel from around your area. Best advice I got from a senior is to take my books while I travel in the metro. Have been doing so for almost 6 years. Recommend the same! Best utilisation of time,” posted a Reddit user. “Bro I live in Rohini and used to travel to gurgaon for an internship (6k monthly stipend). I left the internship because of this long distance travelling. Most of my day was spent travelling only. I used to leave home at 7.45 am and reach back home by 9.30pm. There was no point in travelling long distances. Anyways If I get a job in Gurgaon I will be moving to Gurgaon. That’s the best thing you can do,” added another. “Rent a cheap one BHK near your workplace and you can go home for the weekends.,” joined a third. “This gotta be the shittiest reason to quit the job. I know a friend who used to travel from Burari to Gurgaon by metro! That was approx 2h for one side of travel and he used to do it for 25k pm,” wrote a fourth.

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