[Magic Metaverse] officially opened the global public beta on 1th December!


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According to the latest official news of [Magic Metaverse], the game will officially open the global public beta on 1th December, 2021. At that time, the first batch of seed users will be recruited worldwide to participate in the game public beta. The top 1000 users can use 100 MAC to book the public beta qualification. After the public beta starts, they will receive the official 20MAC airdrop rewards. After the public beta is successfully completed, the official version of the game will soon meet with players around the world.

The official main body of Magic Metaverse is REGIS NET LIMITED, a game company registered in Singapore, which is composed of 3A development teams that have developed Destiny, Marathon 2, Eidos Montreal, ICEBREAKER and other masterpieces.

[Magic Metaverse] it took nearly two years from the project development to the end of the internal test, and finally presented this epic 3D magic adventure role-playing large ARPG game integrating “mining, pledge, battle, Defi, NFT, DAO” and other elements

After the preliminary project preheating and activity publicity, the progress of the project of [Magic Metaverse] is obvious to all, and the internal test of the game has been successfully completed.

On 6th November, [Magic Metaverse] passed the security audit of Certik. Certik is the world’s top three block-chain security audit company, and has done security audit for coin security, ETH and other well-known projects. At present, Certik has received millions of dollars of investment from coin an incubator.

On 8th November, Harry Potter actor James Payton joined and spoke for the Magic Metaverse. Since then, three international superstars Dan Fogler, Greg Draven and Bonnie Wright have joined the Magic Metaverse one after another.

On 10th November, [Magic Metaverse] opened the first phase of IDO activity, which was forwarded and promoted by the official media BSC news of coin security, which means that [Magic Metaverse] this new upstart in chain travel has received the attention and support of Binance official.

On 17th November, [Magic Metaverse] governance token MAC landed on Coinup exchange, and then landed on HOO exchange on 20th November. On 29th of November, MEXC officially announced that MAC will be launched on MEXC exchange in the near future.

On 18th November, [Magic Metaverse] officially opened the mystery box NFT plate to players. Players can extract cards to pledge and mine to obtain income. On the same day, Afermion capital announced an investment of $5 million for MAC market value management. On 23th November, Kingsway invested $5 million to fully support the marketing and guild incubation after the launch of [Magic Metaverse].

On 26th November, Bo LIN, the chief consultant of REGIS China region, jointly held several AMA activities with several communities around the world, introduced the progress of the [Magic Metaverse] game to players around the world, answered some players’ questions about the game, and published some internal test videos of the game, which has received very enthusiastic responses in communities at home and abroad.

Many players of [Magic Metaverse] expressed that the pictures and scenes of the game were very shocking after seeing the internal version of the game video. The production level and playability of the game were no less than most of the popular chain games in the market, and did not fail to live up to the support and expectation of everyone.

We believe that after the public beta of the game is launched, we will have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of [Magic Metaverse]. At the same time, the players are also expected to actively participate in the open test of the game, and make valuable comments and suggestions on the game.

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