Magic Coin Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Leads A New Wave of Trading


Looking back on the development history of cryptocurrency, it has been sought after by the world for its advantages of “safe and reliable, difficult to track, and decentralized”. The total market value of global cryptocurrencies exceeds one trillion dollars, becoming a symbol of the new economy.

The first half of 2021 can be described in almost two idioms. The first three months are happy, and the last two months are distressed…

The environment is turbulent, and the exchanges are chaotic. With the release of relevant regulatory policies, the entire crypto industry is now experiencing an unprecedented “big earthquake” after 2017.

With the increasingly prominent shortcomings of digital asset trading platforms, the market is increasingly calling for a trading platform that can be fast, efficient, safe and stable, and one-stop experience. The birth of Magic Coin fundamentally solved this situation.

Solve the deficiency of asset security

Magic Coin is a comprehensive digital asset service provider with global competitiveness and influence.

The biggest feature of Magic Coin is that it has a financial-level transaction system. It does not store users’ assets and data in a centralized database, but directly conducts transactions between wallets. The Magic Coin trading system can achieve fast and stable financial levels, making transactions more efficient and stable. It also provides securities-grade cash algorithms, adopts a variety of professional trading instructions such as GTT.GTC.FOK.IOC, provides professional quantitative support for the exchange, and draws on the relevant experience of BITMEX, which can process 2 million transactions per second.

This also avoids hackers’ attacks on exchanges and even exchanges’ guarding and self-theft, and allows investors to truly have the ability to transfer assets freely in the blockchain world, instead of spreading between servers inside the exchange.

Project Description

Digital assets based on blockchain technology make it possible to make assets and transactions more fair and transparent, traceable and impossible to forge. This will promote changes in the corporate and regulatory governance structure in the future. We believe that the direction of this trend is that the future blockchain industry, like the Internet industry today, will penetrate all corners of mankind. The digital asset trading platform itself has the ability and responsibility to lead this change. The root lies in building code trust through blockchain technology and smart contracts, helping people achieve fast transactions, point-to-point transfers, simplifying transaction procedures, and reducing transaction costs.

Through the realization of a decentralized technical architecture, Magic Coin takes into account the balance of efficiency and liquidity while considering the security of assets, and builds a safe, efficient and convenient transaction experience for users.

Magic Coin is an open financial insurance platform. It is a professional and innovative product based on a group of professional digital currency geeks. It aims to protect and hedge various risks from the field. Magic Coin adopts global and convenient peer-to-peer transactions. , Realize a variety of frequent transactions from small to large amounts.

Compared with traditional financial platforms, DeFi has the advantages of strong security, high transparency, and privacy protection. This is determined by the characteristics of DeFi itself: First, DeFi is based on blockchain technology and has no centralized hardware or management institutions. , The user controls the private key of the asset, there is no loss caused by the platform running away, and it provides a safe trading platform for investors.

Magic Coin is a globally trusted digital asset trading platform that perfectly combines the high performance of a centralized exchange and the high reliability of a decentralized public chain. Through Magic Coin, we can realize the secure storage of digital assets, project crowdfunding, asset issuance and super node decision-making system, all serving our trading platform.

At the same time, Magic Coin has a strong R&D team and management team, the core technology of high-frequency trading, the memory matching technology that has been certified and tested by multiple parties, and the limit processing speed is 1 million units per second, which is a leading level in the industry. Magic Coin adopts the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, anonymity, and distributed data storage. It applies hashing algorithm and cryptography technology to remove credit endorsements from central institutions such as banks, in order to promote blockchain international financial third-party payment The interconnection and interoperability of international financial settlement and payment solutions solve the current international financial settlement and payment risks, reduce payment costs, and provide an efficient and convenient implementation path.

Advantages of Magic Coin


The security of users’ assets is fully guaranteed by Magic Coin. Magic Coin uses multiple signatures, offline signatures, hierarchical structure, hot and cold wallets and other security designs.

Financial level trading system

The Magic Coin trading system can achieve fast and stable financial levels, making transactions more efficient and stable.

Platform compliance

Magic Coin actively obtains cryptocurrency exchange licenses in many countries on the basis of legal compliance, and provides users with legal legal currency deposit channels, thereby lowering the threshold for investors to enter the market.

Community advantage

Magic Coin attaches great importance to the cultivation of the community and the feelings of users. Organize various activities to enhance communication within the community and activate the community.


Magic Coin has established sites in multiple countries and has an operation team in the local area.


In the transaction process, the transfer of assets is completed on the chain, and the transaction record can be checked on the chain, open and transparent. There is no risk of black box operation of centralized exchanges.

About Team

Magic Coin is composed of top technical talents from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. The technical team got acquainted with the international hackathon development competition. Our team among the members are well-known economists from the Netherlands and Crypto Win community thought leaders. They actively participate in technical seminars and share research results with many communities. We have a common value concept. The platform takes the vital interests of users as its core and adheres to a user-oriented development model to create a different experience for users. Determined to create a truly convenient, efficient, fair and transparent digital asset trading platform with a strong consensus foundation.

As the world’s leading digital asset trading custody platform, Magic Coin relies on DeFi outlets and its own unparalleled advantages, and will surely develop in the future for a long time and become a new benchmark for industry development.

Magic Coin carries the wish of surpassing many digital currency predecessors, and comes to you in the form of a breaker, a global integrated ecosystem as the goal!


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