Lynnwood council to discuss travel policy, PFD appointments, and Gold Park


LYNNWOOD, Wash., September 2, 2023—The Lynnwood City Council will discuss American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for Gold Park improvements, Travel Policy updates, and PFD appointments at its upcoming Work Session on September 5 at 6 p.m. The Lynnwood City Council Work Session will be held in-person and virtually by Zoom or Lynnwood, WA Video Archive (

Appointment Process: Lynnwood Public Facilities District (PFD) Board of Directors

City Council has the authority pursuant to RCW 35.57.010 (3)(a) to appoint Board members to the Lynnwood Public Facilities District (PFD). Council adopted Resolution No. 2010-07 establishing a recruitment and nomination process for PFD Board Member positions. The PFD previously adopted Resolution 19-01 establishing criteria for the appointment of PFD Board members that is advisory in nature and not meant to be binding on the City.

The current term for PDF Board Chair Mike Miller, Position #3, and Board member Vivian Dong, Position #2 expire in October 2023. The recruitment and nomination process of each position is now required. The recruitment process has been initiated pursuant to Council Resolution No. 2010-07, Section 2. The City sent letters to PFD Executive Director on June 22, 2023, inquiring if the Board members wish to be re-appointed.

On July 22, 2023, PFD Executive Director Pope responded in writing that both Board members desire to be reappointed.

Council discuss and provide direction regarding the Lynnwood Public Facility Board member appointments pursuant to Council Resolution No. 2010-07.

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Briefing: Development and Business Services Fee Study

David Kleitsch, DBS Director and Robert Mathias, Deputy DBS Director will brief the council on the Development and Business Services Fee Study.

On July 3, 2023, Council received a briefing and discussed the DBS Fee Study. On September 5, 2023, responses to Council questions will be reviewed and a briefing on next steps will be provided. Attached to this memorandum is the following information:

  • Council Questions and Staff Responses
  • Memo regarding Next Steps
  • FCS Group Fee Study

Based upon the fee study recommendations, DBS fees should be updated to achieve full cost recovery. Implementation of these changes are to be coordinated with the installation of the new DBS permit system, anticipated in fall 2023.

Questions for Council Consideration

  1. To what level should DBS fees achieve full cost recovery?
  2. How should DBS fees be increased? Should DBS fee increases be phased in?
  3. How should future inflation/cost of living fee increases by addressed?

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Briefing: American Rescue Plan Act Request for Gold Park Improvements and Graffiti

Lynn D. Sordel, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department Director will share progress of the graffiti crew as well as a request for additional funds to clean up Gold Park.

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Discussion: Travel Policy Update

While approved in February, finance and council have found numerous “grey areas” when it comes to council member travel, which were discussed at the July Finance Committee meeting. Council will discuss the following questions that have come up as input into the upcoming revision planned by Finance.

Travel Policy Questions to address

  1. Does the council intend for the biennial budget to be spent $2,500 per year (i.e 50% of the budget as was presented during our budget presentation), or $5,000 for the biennium that can be spent in either year or even one year?
  2. Is it use it or lose it each year, or can an unused budget allowance balance be carried over to the next year?
  3. Also, there has been mention of Council Members transferring their unused budgeted portion to another Council Member. Is this something council wants to allow?
  4. Should Council Members be required to fill out travel authorization forms before City funds are committed? (not necessarily have them approved by anyone, but do we want the paperwork completed by the Council Assistant before things are booked to ensure policy compliance/budget authority on the front end?)
  5. Are there other areas of the policy that could be clarified for ease of interpretation?

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