Lil Tay’s family breaks silence on death scandal: ‘I was devastated’


Lil Tay’s family breaks silence on death scandal: ‘I was devastated’

Lil Tay’s family finally sheds some light into the entire ‘hoax’ that recently spread like wildfire.

For those unversed with recent events, just earlier this week Lil Tay’s Instagram made a shocking announcement about her ‘sudden death’ and only a day later did clarifications come out, via TMZ.

The incident wound up on every news site and caused a massive stir online.

In response to this, the boyfriend of Lil Tay’s mom has decided to speak out about the ‘hack’ they believe led to the wild fires.

The boyfriend in question, Chris Wigg insists the incident was not planned by the youngster, for clout or social media attention.

Not to mention, he even boiled up in anger at one point, because of the fiasco.

He broke it all down in an interview with the Daily Mail.

In it he started by clarifying, “Tay and Jason are alive and well and are living in LA with their mother, Angela.”

He also added, “It wasn’t a PR stunt by Tay. Jason told me her account was hacked and I’ve got to believe them.”

Wigg has known the family for over two decades, and admits he was ‘blindsided’ by the initial reports.

“I was just as shocked as anyone, even more so when I first heard the news,” he admitted.

“I was at work when a family member of mine texted me a story about Tay’s passing. I was devastated as you can imagine.”

The announcement in question came as part of an image, that read, “it is with a heavy heart that we share the devastating news of our beloved Claire’s sudden and tragic passing.”

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