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Criminal justice reform
requires political will

Re: “Supervisors warily embrace reform plan for criminal justice” (Page A1, Sept. 8).

I continue to be baffled, discouraged and disappointed in the words and actions of Alameda County Board of Supervisors President Nate Miley.

Earlier this year, the East Bay Times reported that Miley applauded the progress of the reparations task force. Nevertheless, when asked if he had taken the time to read a report that recommended solutions to racial disparities within the county’s criminal justice system, Miley responded that he had not read the report. I wasn’t surprised.

Decarceration strategies will always seem hard when there is no political will to support them. Miley supported an ordinance that locks up sideshow spectators, and he continues to promote an ever-increasing, unpopular expansion project to Santa Rita Jail. Hypocrisy has become his modus operandi and he is tone-deaf on many important issues.

Care First, Jails Last must be more than just a slogan; it must be a call to action.

Malik Washington

Economy continues
to frustrate voters

I keep reading how the Democratic Party is frustrated and doesn’t get why President Biden is so unpopular with “Bidenomics” fixing inflation and the economy doing “so well.”

Look no further than the local gas station — over $6 a gallon today — or Trader Joe’s — almost $100.00 for express lane groceries.

Yes, we’re all still frustrated. Maybe Biden’s staff of advisers and all of the yes men and women don’t shop for groceries or buy gas. Just a guess.

Laura Burbidge
Pleasant Hill

Aging politicians make
themselves liabilities

What are our politicians thinking? I am an elderly woman younger than many of our politicians but old enough to know when it is time to hang it up.

Think seriously as you elect future representatives. I know from experience that once you reach the age of many of our politicians, you do not think, react, physically move or speak like younger people. Our young people are so capable and ready to take the reins. If these old politicians think our country is better with them, volunteer to be a mentor, but get out and give others a chance.

You are not indispensable; you are becoming a liability instead of an asset.

Betsy Miner

Ukraine seems like
another phony domino

I’m of the generation who were told that if we didn’t stop communism there, we’d have to fight them here. Remember those dominos? Well, they’re here now looking to open an EV factory in North Carolina. It’s the very same government then as it is now. Maybe we were lied to? The Pentagon Papers said so.

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