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To the editor:

This is in response to the letter by Jon Koll (Nov. 3 issue of the Echo Press), “The political right should scare you.” First of all, I ask you the reader to join me in praying for Jon and those who are in agreement with him, that they would see that what was once was considered wrong is now considered right and even good, and what once was considered good is now considered bad and even evil.

Koll’s letter states that “a homosexual person is born a homosexual person.” In other words, a homosexual is born that way. We are all born that way, that is we are all born sinful and rebel against God and His Word, including the pedophile and the person who commits incest. So, if those people are born that way, would it be wrong to try to change them? Of course not. They need to be provided with the counseling and treatment they need to change their behavior.

The same is true for those who have same sex inclinations. They need to lovingly and patiently be provided with the counseling that will help them identify with their biological sex. Some would refer to this counseling as conversion therapy. The far left has passed legislation, including in Minnesota, that makes conversion therapy illegal (example of good now considered evil). Homosexuals can change with the help of conversion therapy.

If homosexuals cannot change, how is it that many have left the homosexual lifestyle and have married someone from the opposite sex and even have children? With God’s help, people can change and live according to his will.

It seems the far left has a problem with God’s word and those who have God’s word as the foundation for their lives, including Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives. This nation desperately needs to turn to God’s word and not reject it.

Roger Krebs
Alexandria, MN

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