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I would like to speak to all elected politicians in this country today. Republicans, Democrats and the few that claim to be independent.

Speaking for the middle American voter, which the majority of us are, regardless of our party affiliation, we’re fed up! You all seem to be enamored by flying saucers. Rising temperatures are a lot bigger concern where I live.

The ones of you that pretend to be far right won’t rest until you see Hunter Biden convicted of some crime and Joe impeached twice to get even for Trump. One of your Southern senators thinks withholding all military promotions will accomplish something. Well, he’s right. It will weaken if not destroy our military.

Most of the Republicans don’t seem to realize Trump is playing the lead in Music Man. A real-life con artist. The far left isn’t much better. They usually agree with the Democrats but most of the time want to go one more step to the left. Which is often a step too far.

Let me explain to you why the silent majority picked you to govern. Have you ever heard of inflation? If not, get out of the way and stop playing Star Wars. Let someone take over that is willing to fix it.

By the way, more people are concerned about getting shot by an assault rifle than being attacked by aliens. Have you heard the phrase ”it’s the economy stupid?” They’re talking about you. I would think that the cost of living, including wages and prices, are what most ordinary people are concerned about.

Another thing I would like you to stop is trying to spread your hate about our personal views in form of unnecessary laws about race, sex, abortion and gender choice to the rest of us. You can’t teach us to love but you’re doing a good job teaching us to hate. All that you have done is to allow us to hate each other over personal and private views.

You have proven you like to investigate. How about investigating why the money approved by Congress for transportation, communication, climate change and fighting crime hasn’t been spent yet. What about going after businesses that basically have stolen Covid money from the American people. What about investigating a Texas governor trying to get away with running our immigration policy. He claims he has the constitutional right to control the border. Well, he has never read our Constitution.

The federal government controls the border. What Texas and Florida are doing is not only unconstitutional but outright cruel. Maybe the governors should try reading the Bible, it says a lot more about how to treat people than our Constitution which, before the Bill of Rights left people out.

— Ron Gadberry


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