Leefire plans to launch 500 LFC ATMs in 2022


As cryptocurrencies gradually sweep the market, more and more retailers have realized that digital currencies will play an increasingly important role in the future, which makes the digital currency ATMs even more necessary. A survey by a research institute shows that nearly 2,000 crypto ATMs were added worldwide in January and February of 2022 alone.

Leefire plans to launch 500 LFC ATMs in 2022

In order to enable more people to use LFC coins conveniently and enhance the circulation of LFC, the group will soon announce the planned LFC ATM launch plan at Leefire’s first quarterly summary meeting.

According to the plan, LFC ATMs will be launched in three batches by 2024, with a total of 500 units expected to be launched in the United States, the Philippines, Colombia and other countries.

In addition to regular top-ups and withdrawals, LFC ATMs, like most other ATMs, also offer a variety of other mainstream currencies or stable coins pegged to the U.S. dollar, such as BCH, ETH and LTC. LFC ATMs have a partnership with the central banks where they are deployed, supporting central bank card top-ups and withdrawals, and real-time arrival.

This plan is significant for LFC, which will be introduced on the exchange in June. Currently 1LFC = 0.01USDT, and it is expected to be jump 10-fold after going online on the exchange! Now is a good time to get LFC. Come to Leefire to participate in the task to earn LFC together.

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