Lawmakers decry ‘political’ decision to keep Space Command HQ in Colorado


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – The Biden administration announced the United States Space Command headquarters will stay in Colorado rather than move to Alabama – a move some politicians are calling political.

Those accusations come from Alabama lawmakers who believe the decision may be tied to the fight over abortion rights, but the Biden administration says it’s simply the best decision for military readiness.

“It’s a great day for Colorado Springs but it’s also a great day for the citizens of the United States,” former Colorado Springs mayor, John Suthers, said.

The Biden administration announced the U.S. Space Command headquarters will stay in Colorado, overturning an effort by former President Donald Trump to move the headquarters to Alabama.

“It is clear this final decision is in the best interest of our national security and is the most responsible use of our taxpayer dollars,” Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade said.

Federal officials say the decision is an objective one that is best for military readiness but Alabama lawmakers say they believe otherwise.

“Unfortunately, it sounds like it’s a political decision,” said Rep. Robert Aderhold (R-AL).

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has been blocking military promotions because he opposes a decision by the defense department to pay for the travel of troops and dependents who are seeking abortions.

The Biden administration says the decision over the Space Command headquarters isn’t linked to the abortion fight but Alabama lawmakers vow to investigate.

“I encourage the secretary of the Air Force to get ready, I encourage General Dickenson to get ready, because they’re fixed to testify,” said Rep. Dale Strong (R-AL).

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