KRBN WORLD, let the world return to its green origin


With the development of science and the enhancement of human’s ability to transform nature, with the continuous progress of human society and the continuous improvement of the quality of human life, the destruction of the natural environment is also accelerating and spreading globally. “Since modern times, people’s pursuit of the centrality of man to the natural world, the value of trying to conquer and control nature, and to sacrifice nature indefinitely to meet the needs of mankind, has been ruthlessly attacked in the face of grim reality.” A large amount of carbon dioxide makes the global warming trend, and some climate problems such as the accelerated melting of ice and snow in polar regions have gradually attracted people’s attention. More and more people are beginning to reflect on their own behaviors, and the problems caused by massive carbon emissions to the earth’s climate make people pay more attention to ethics and morality.

“Kyoto Protocol”, the full name of “Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, was formulated in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997. The aim is to “stabilize the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at an appropriate level”. On February 16, 2005, the “Kyoto Protocol” came into effect, which is the first time in human history to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the form of regulations.

The protocol allows four ways to reduce emissions, including “carbon emissions trading.” Since it is a transaction, it must be two or more parties. The most basic thing to do carbon emissions trading is to determine a total carbon emission amount for this area, and then determine some emission credits, and assign these credits to key emission companies in various industries.

KRBN WORLD, let the world return to its green origin

KRBN WORLD carbon trading network originated from the United States, developed by Big Green and promoted online, and is one of the first companies in the world to obtain carbon neutral trading qualifications. Founded in 2011, Big Green believes that green farming can change lives. Provide critical resources to the front lines of philanthropy.

In 2018, Big Green began to pay attention to the problem of excessive global carbon emissions. After two years of research, KRBN WORLD was created for online promotion in 2021. The same KRBN WORLD also inherited Big Green’s original intention, in order to quickly improve the global ecological environment. Restore it to its original state, minimize carbon emissions, and allow more people to participate in carbon production and carbon trading. It also enables participating users to create value for themselves while protecting the green environment.

KRBN WORLD was created to help drive environmental impact at scale. The KRBN WORLD platform provides high-quality carbon credits and liquidity to support companies in the voluntary market. KRBN WORLD initially focused on Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) involving the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems such as forests and smog. We put a lot of pressure on quality, working with global partners, including world-renowned environmental agencies and organizations such as the 2022 World Wide Fund for Nature-(, to work together to use technology to assess and Monitor these items. It ensures the procurement community of KRBN WORLD, and supports trusted suppliers to obtain normal value for their projects. As a global carbon neutral industry hub and innovation platform, the current KRBN market price has been on the rise, and global investors are optimistic about the KRBN market prospects. Unanimously agree.

In the process of carbon trading, KRBN WORLD found that not all carbon credits are created equal. As a result, KRBN WORLD has developed rigorous criteria for evaluating each project listed on the KRBN WORLD platform, taking into account details of additionality, permanence risks and SDG impacts.

Additionally, to align with global best practice, KRBN WORLD has formed an international advisory committee and is part of the Expanding Voluntary Carbon Market (TSVCM) working group and the Natural Climate Solutions Coalition. This aligns KRBN WORLD with best practices in carbon market integrity and standards.

In addition, KRBN WORLD achieves transparency in the carbon trading industry through technology, and KRBN WORLD works with the partner ecosystem to provide assurance for the integrity of carbon credits. For example, leveraging satellite monitoring and machine learning to provide transparent impact and pricing data for NCS projects.

Protecting the environment is the common responsibility of all mankind. KRBN WORLD changes the environment through technology, makes everyone environmentally friendly, and allows everyone to create value and obtain value while protecting the environment.

KRBN WORLD is committed to protecting the environment and returning the world to its green origin.

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