Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady share flirty moment at Reform Alliance Charity event


Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady turned got into a flirty bidding war over a George Condo painting

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady added a dash of flirtatious fun to a high-stakes art auction at the Reform Alliance Charity event in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

They both set their sights on a George Condo painting, and their playful bidding quickly turned into a memorable spectacle.

It all began when Kim Kardashian boldly initiated the bidding at $500,000. Tom Brady, not to be outdone, promptly countered with a higher offer, setting the stage for a friendly yet intense bidding war.

Witnesses described the scene as filled with laughter and meaningful glances exchanged between the two celebrities, making the atmosphere super fun.

As the bidding escalated and reached the impressive sum of $2 million, the event hosts decided to award both Kim and Tom their very own George Condo painting. However, there was a catch: the duo had to each contribute $2 million for their respective canvases.

This extravagant art showdown occurred as part of the Reform Alliance’s Casino Night, a charity event spearheaded by Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, and Meek Mill, aimed at raising funds to reform probation and parole laws. Tickets for this gala affair began at a staggering $500,000, making it a star-studded evening with a philanthropic purpose.

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