Kanye West, wife Bianca Censori gets final warning from Italy


Kanye West, wife Bianca Censori gets final warning from Italy

The Italian authorities’ patience is on the cusp of running out as the Florence officials warned Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori to respect the local laws as they continued to defy them.

The latest notice comes after the power couple stepped out in Florence for a photoshoot in provoking outfits last week.

Sparking fury, the Melbourne-born architecture was seen parading virtually ‘naked’ on the city streets, blatantly disregarding the country’s public indecency laws.

On the other hand, Ye donned a black mask to cover his face, which likely violated Italy’s domestic terror laws, where face covering was outlawed due to security reasons.

Meanwhile, the city’s tourism bureau warned the salacious pair to respect the country’s laws as they stressed their Tuskan city’s slogan, ‘Enjoy and Respect Florence,’ per Daily Mail.

The statement added, “Florence is not a beach establishment – your clothing (and behavior) must be decent,’ and any breaches are punishable by a 500 Euro fine.”

A senior official at the department, Andrea Giordani, advised the newly-wed couple, “I’d like to remind Kanye and his wife that they have broken the code of Enjoy and Respect Florence.”

He continued, “We remind them of the code of Enjoy and Respect Florence – it reminds holiday-makers to remember what are the wrong behaviours but also what are the ‘good practices’ to live the city correctly and better organise your stay.”

Amid continued flouting of different Italian cities’ laws by Kanye and Bianca, the official concluded, “Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee the civil coexistence and the protection of the rights of each of us, respecting the environment, the artistic heritage and the identity of Florence, a city that was the cradle of the Renaissance and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.”

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