JYP Entertainment Responds To TWICE Nayeon’s Controversy Over Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend


The label wasted no time.

JYP Entertainment responded to TWICE Nayeon‘s controversy over her mother’s former boyfriend.

Nayeon | Financial News

On September 19, JYP Entertainment spoke with Newsen over the controversy, stating that it didn’t have anything to say in regard to the settled legal matter.

We have nothing further to say as the judge has already ruled, and the matter doesn’t affect our artist’s activities.

— JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment then warned netizens that those who maliciously insulted or defamed Nayeon over the incident would be brought before the law.

But if there are speculative comments that defame or insult the artist, we will take strong legal action.

— JYP Entertainment

Previously, it was revealed that Nayeon had won a legal dispute against her mother’s former boyfriend, in which the former boyfriend alleged he had lent Nayeon and her mother ₩600 million KRW (about $454,000 USD) in living expenses during the time Nayeon was a trainee and that he had been promised the idol would pay him back once she debuts. The court found that although there was evidence of the money being given to Nayeon’s mother, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the money was a loan.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the ruling, which you can read about in the article below.

TWICE’s Nayeon Sparks Controversy After Legal Win Against Her Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend


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