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In the middle of an innocuous comment about the Eagles’ poor offensive execution after yet another loss, Jalen Hurts let this slip:

“I don’t think we were committed enough.”

I don’t think we were committed enough?

That’s pretty damning stuff from the Super Bowl quarterback and unquestioned leader of the Eagles after an ugly last-minute 20-17 loss to the Seahawks in Seattle Monday night.

Here’s the full quote: “Been talking about execution all year. Getting on the same page, everyone being on the same page. We didn’t execute. I don’t think we all were committed enough. You know, just got to turn it around. You know, it’s a challenge that we have to embrace. Just continue to see it through.”

The Eagles are certainly struggling. They’ve lost three straight games after a 10-1 start. Hurts has lost as many games in the last 16 days as he did in the previous 733 days. Everybody on both sides of the ball is searching for answers.

But a lack of commitment?

That’s pretty strong stuff.

Hurts was asked immediately what he meant by it, and he said this:

“Commitment, I don’t have a dictionary on me,” he said. “I don’t know how else to say that.”

Commitment is defined as “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.”

So it sure sounds like Hurts is questioning his teammates’ dedication – and maybe his own dedication – to the cause of winning football games.

That’s an awfully disturbing thing to hear.

Asked a second time to explain the lack of commitment, he said, “It takes everyone being all-in in all aspects, and it starts with me.”

One thing about Hurts: He’ll always be accountable.

He did oddly single out Jason Kelce for his damaging false start on a 3rd-and-1 from the Seattle 3-yard-line late in the second quarter, a penalty that forced the Eagles to settle for a field goal instead of quite possibly scoring seven points.

But he also singled out himself.

Let’s face it, this is Hurts’ worst three-game stretch since very early in his first years as a starter.

In losses to the 49ers, Cowboys and Seahawks, he’s completed 59 percent of his passes with one passing touchdown, two interceptions, three rushing TDs, 212 passing yards per game and a 72.4 passer rating. His 40.1 rating Monday night was his lowest since the game against the Giants in 2021 when he got hurt.

He was playing sick, sure. But that’s no excuse for anything. If you’re too sick to function at a high level, you shouldn’t be out there.

One thing about Hurts: He is accountable, and that’s something his teammates always notice.

“We had multiple opportunities out there in the end,” he said. “There was just not another way you’d rather have it. 

“You know, the trust that we have in one another, how much we communicate as players, taking advantage of those moments when you have them to open the game, whether it’s in the final minutes or early on, whatever. 

“With the false start in the short yardage situation. Just have to be better. I have to be better minimizing the mistakes, the penalties, mental errors. Just playing team football and it starts with me leading it.”

The Eagles have scored fewer than 20 points in three straight games after averaging 28 the first 11 games of the season.

And Hurts has been pedestrian at best in each of those games. He increased his season turnover total to 17 – five fumbles and 12 interceptions. Last year he lost one fumble and threw six interceptions.

“We’ve lost games because I could be better,” he said. “That will change everything. I accept that.”

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