Is there value in seeing a coach’s call sheet?


Last Thursday night, we got a great look at one side of Broncos coach Sean Payton’s call sheet. On Monday night, we got a great look at part of Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy’s call sheet.

On Wednesday, Payton downplayed the potential advantage that a team might have from seeing the names of the plays that had been pre-selected for situations like a two-minute drill or the red zone.

Chris Simms and I kicked the topic around on Thursday’s PFT Live. Is there value in seeing what’s on the sheet? Can future opponents make hay with it?

We only see the play sheet because the coach uses it to cover his mouth while calling a play. Why are they so concerned about that? Can future opponents that have lip readers on staff do something with that information? (We discussed those questions, as well.)

Again, the best approach for any coach who wants to protect his play sheet would be to put profanity on it in large font. Or just add a flap that would be flipped from one side to the other to block the side that is facing the camera.

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