Introduction to Bitget & It’s Referral Code (Beat Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023)


Bitget Referral Code June 2023

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Bitget, founded in 2018, is a renowned crypto exchange platform that offers innovative features such as futures trading and copy trading. It quickly gained recognition, ranking as one of the top five futures trading platforms and one of the top ten spot trading platforms worldwide. With over 8 million users across more than 100 countries and regions, Bitget is a popular and widely-used platform.

Bitget Sign Up Bonus

In 2023, new customers of the Bitget Exchange can utilize the promotional code ‘955f‘. This code can be entered during the registration process and is applicable for cryptocurrency spot trading, derivatives, and altcoins. The referral code is currently active and can be used in your country.

The benefits of using the Bitget referral code ‘955f‘ include a $100 First Deposit Bonus: Upon making your initial deposit, whether via on-chain or fiat methods, you will receive a reward of $100.

How To Earn From Bitget Referral Code Offer?

Bitget offers a rewarding referral program, where users can earn commissions and bonuses when their referred individuals trade on the exchange. This not only incentivizes users but also aids Bitget in expanding its user base.

The referral process is simple:

  1. Registration: Register through our referral link and completes the registration.
  2. First Deposit: Invitee completes a USDT deposit of at least 1000U and receives a bonus of 100U.
  3. Trade: Invitee completes their first futures trade.
  4. Reward: After the invitee completes a futures trade, the inviter gets 40% commission.

To benefit from this program, use our referral code: 955f.

Introduction to Bitget & It’s Referral Code (Beat Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023)

About Bitget

Bitget’s Unique Features

Bitget stands out with its copy trading platform, which allows beginners to connect with professional traders for a hands-off, gains-up experience. Users can study elite traders’ portfolios and historical performance before subscribing to a strategy that meets their return and risk requirements. Additionally, Bitget provides a derivatives platform where users can trade futures, options, and perpetual swaps in USDT-margined, USDC-margined, and Coin-margined futures. It also offers a spot exchange function for a variety of popular cryptocurrencies.

Bitget’s Security Measures

Bitget emphasizes on security, establishing the Bitget Protection Fund to protect users’ assets in case of an incident. With a value of USD $300 million as of November 2022, it’s the second-largest user protection fund among CEXs. Bitget maintains a 1:1 reserve ratio of customer funds at all times, currently holding a total reserve ratio over 230%, much higher than the industry standard. Users can also set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.

Bitget’s Trading Fee Structure

  • Maker Fee: 0.020%
  • Taker Fee: 0.060%
  • Futures Maker Fee: 0.020%
  • Futures Taker Fee: 0.060%
  • Contract Maker Fee: 0.020%
  • Contract Taker Fee: 0.060%
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.0005 BTC

Depositing cryptocurrencies into Bitget is straightforward. Users select which asset they want to deposit and the chain it’s on, if applicable. If it’s their first time, the exchange creates their wallet address so they can easily copy it to their individual wallet or scan the QR code. Withdrawals are also simple, with the exchange displaying the withdrawal fee during the process. The daily withdrawal limit is 20 BTC (or equivalent in another cryptocurrency) for users who have not completed the KYC process.

Bitget’s Daily Price Platform

Bitget Price  is designed to create a hands-off platform.Assets with more than 3,000 currency prices are updated with facts every day.

While the most well-known is bitcoin price usd, there are many others, such as Ethereum price usd, Dogecoin price, and Shiba inu.The price of a cryptocurrency is determined by supply and demand on various crypto exchanges and factors such as market sentiment, news and announcements, and regulatory changes. The value of a cryptocurrency can fluctuate greatly within a short period of time, making it a highly volatile investment.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Bitget

Depositing cryptocurrencies with Bitget is straightforward. Users are directed to a page where they can select the asset they want to deposit and the chain it’s on, if applicable. For withdrawals, users enter the same information and the amount they wish to withdraw. Bitget does charge a withdrawal fee, which is displayed during the withdrawal process.

Bitget’s Partnerships and Achievements

Bitget has partnered with reputable figures such as the legendary Argentine footballer and 2022 FIFA World Cup winner Lionel Messi, Italy’s top football team Juventus, and official eSports event organizer PGL. These partnerships, along with Bitget’s impressive growth and achievements, reflect the exchange’s commitment to promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

Why Choose Bitget?

Bitget stands out as a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange with compelling features. Its referral program, including the referral code system and the $100 bonus, enhances the user experience, making Bitget a top choice for cryptocurrency traders in 2023.

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  1. What is Bitget?
    Bitget is a global cryptocurrency exchange known for its futures trading and copy trading features.
  2. What is a Bitget referral code?
    A Bitget referral code is a unique identifier that users can share with friends. When those friends trade on Bitget, the user who shared the code earns commissions and bonuses.
  3. How does Bitget’s copy trading platform work?
    Bitget’s copy trading platform connects beginners with professional traders, allowing them to subscribe to strategies that meet their return and risk requirements.
  4. What security measures does Bitget have in place?
    Bitget provides a range of security measures, including a Bitget Protection Fund, two-factor authentication, and a robust system for secure logins and withdrawals.
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