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Company Profile

Hangzhou Meari Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a smart home innovator committed to the research and development and manufacturing of smart home video products. Meari strives to provide global customers with high quality smart home products, one-stop video product solutions and high-quality customized services.

Meari Technology focuses on cutting-edge technologies such as video, Internet of Things, cloud platform and AI. It integrates research and development, marketing and supply chain to providing one-stop smart home video product solutions. Meanwhile, focusing on product research and development and innovative technology, it has continuously launched a whole series of smart home video products including mini cameras, PT cameras, bullet cameras, battery cameras, video doorbells, floodlight cameras, baby monitors and Internet of Things video modules.

After years of development, Meari has built a strong R&D team. Currently, more than 40% of the company’s employees are from the R&D department, and most core founders have more than 15 years of working experience in the security & IoT industry. There are more than 150 R&D engineers, including a full-process R&D team of product integration, testing, structure, hardware, embedded, APP, AI, cloud platform and server.

At present, Meari products and services cover more than 150 countries and regions, radiating to the global mainstream online and offline channels, and entering most well-known supermarkets such as Walmart、Bestbuy、Homedepot、Kingfisher、MediaMarkt in Europe and the United States. Its annual shipments reach tens of millions, serving tens of millions of users around the world.

Meari Technology is one of the Chinese AIoT Forbes Top 100 enterprises in 2019. The company has obtained various certifications such as BSCI, RBA, ISO9001, ISO14000, etc., and all Meari products meet the international product standards such as CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, REACH and so on.

Founding Team

The founding team of Meari Technology consists of several senior research and development engineers, sales & marketing experts and supply chain experts who have been deeply engaged in the field of smart home, the Internet of Things and video for nearly 20 years. The main members are from the world’s leading security, Internet of Things, and AI companies.

Development Process

In 2017, Meari was officially established with ISO9001 and 14000 certification and products entering the European and North American markets.

In 2018, Meari passed BSCI, products were sold on retail channels such as Walmart and Kinfisher. Meari started to enter Australia, Japan and South Korea markets, became a strategic partner of Tuya platform and launched low-power platform products.

In 2019, Meari obtained the RBA certification, passed the national high-tech certification, and won the Forbes AIOT Top 100 Enterprises award; Meari expanded into South America, Southeast Asia and India markets. Meari launched a full range of smart home video products, with battery cameras products ranked as bestsellers on

In 2020, Meari European branch was established; Meari continued to release of second-generation battery cameras and second-generation baby monitors products. Meari won the Evergreen Award of Financial Magazine. Meari grew to be one of the world’s top manufacturers with top 10 sales volume in smart home camera range.

In 2021, the Optics series products won the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award, and recognized by the world-renowned Design Association.

Service Concept

Adhering to the service principle of “customer demand-oriented, R&D and innovation as the core”, Meari Technology strives to provide every customer with high-quality, convenient and one-stop smart home video product solution services.

Core Technology

As a technology enterprise with R&D and products as the core focus, Meari has a series of core technologies in the field of civil video, including

Video Image Processing and AI Intelligent Analysis

Novel appearance design and leading structure process

High reliability of smart hardware and product integration

Mature and stable low-power consumption, software and hardware platform

Global layout of the video cloud platform

Integrated capabilities of embedded software, APP and servers related to smart video products

Industry-leading WebRTC -based network transmission technology

Intelligent distribution network technology with ultimate user experience and ultra-high success rate.


Meari Technology has a full civil video product line, including indoor mini cameras (Mini series), indoor and outdoor PT cameras (Speed series), outdoor bullet cameras (Bullet series), baby monitors, battery cameras (Snap series), video doorbell cameras (Bell series), Light Camera (Flight series), and video modules meeting other smart home products like garages, pet feeders, smart door locks, etc.

At the same time, Meari Technology supports a complete IoT product access scheme, so that customers can use a unified APP to manage a wide variety of smart home products.

Mini series

The Mini series is the indoor mini camera series of Meari. Mini series products are with simple, exquisite design, can be well integrated into the home use environment. Customers can watch in real time remotely through App to monitor the family situation anytime and anywhere.

Speed series

The Speed series is the PT camera series of Meari. The Speed range is with pan, tilt movement functionality, allowing a comprehensive, flexible and stable rotation, giving customers a wider vision.

Baby series

The Baby series is the baby monitor series of Meari. Baby series adopts 1080p resolution, equipped with crying and temperature and humidity detection, support pan & tilt control, two-way talk, music playback and other functions. It’s a intimate helper for parents.

Bullet series

Bullet series is the outdoor bullet camera series of Meari. With an IP65 waterproof design, Bullet can be installed in any outdoor area with WiFi coverage, no need to worry about rain or snow.

 Snap series

The Snap series is a battery camera series of Meari. The battery camera series adopts a large-capacity, rechargeable lithium battery, which ensures the long-term battery life of the camera, and realizes a truly all-wireless installation, and no need cumbersome wiring.

Flight series

The Flight series is a floodlight camera series of Meari. The Flight series combined floodlight with cameras, equipped with human intelligent detection function. When someone passes the monitoring range, the camera will automatically turn on the lighting, which is the best choice for the courtyard.

Bell series

The Bell series is the intelligent video doorbell series. The Bell series provides a perfect combination of the doorbell and the monitoring. It not only can be used as a doorbell, welcome guests, but also as a camera, 24 hours to ensure the safety of the door. It can also be integrated with the intelligent door lock.

Enterprise Achievement

Meari won the first prize of Huawei LiteOS Hackathon Competition (Shenzhen Station) in 2017

Meari awarded the National High-tech Enterprise qualification in 2019

Meari became Forbes China AIoT Top 100 Enterprises in 2019

Meari honored as the Director of AIBA Intelligent Manufacturing Committee in 2020

Meari honored as the Unit Member of Zhejiang Digital Economics Society in 2020

Meari Awarded the national science and technology SMEs qualification in 2020

Meari Awarded Zhejiang technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise qualification in 2020

Meari Won Finance and Economics Evergreen Award & Sustainable Development Innovation Award in 2020

Meari Awarded Zhejiang Province Quality Enterprise qualification in 2021

Meari acted as vice president of Shenzhen Security Industry Association in 2021

Optics series of Meari won the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award in 2021 In the future, we look forward to providing more and better quality products for global consumers, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience of smart home.

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