Improving Sacramento’s Entertainment Economy | How Sacramento is Observing Hanukkah | “Poster Girl” and the Story of WWII Women Welders


Andrew Nixon / CapRadio

Tina Lee-Vogt, Sacramento’s Nighttime Economy Manager at City Hall, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Andrew Nixon / CapRadio

Sacramento study recommends ways to improve the city’s entertainment economy. Also, Sacramento Jewish leaders discuss how they are observing Hanukkah amid ongoing war. Finally, the author of “Poster Girl” and the story of WWII women welders.

Improving Sacramento’s Entertainment Economy 

Last year, Sacramento created a new position to build the city’s nighttime economy so that entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and other businesses can thrive after hours. Tina Lee-Vogt became the city’s first Nighttime Economy Manager in October 2022. In the year-plus since leading the new Office of Nighttime Economy, Tina has been canvassing downtown and midtown Sacramento listening to what’s needed, the city’s strengths, and the challenges to creating a vibrant entertainment economy. Tina returns to Insight with what she learned from a Sociable City Assessment and Music Economy Census conducted this year, as well as the changes that could happen in 2024.

How Sacramento is Observing Hanukkah

Today marks two months since the attack on Israel by Hamas. Today is also the start of Hanukkah. Rabbi Mona Alfi, from Sacramento’s Congregation B’nai Israel and Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, from the Chabad Jewish Community Center, join Insight to discuss how their congregations are celebrating the holiday while their hearts and minds are on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. We will also understand what conversations are taking place within their communities during a rise in antisemitism.

“Poster Girl” and the Story of WWII Women Welders

During World War II millions of women took up jobs on production lines and in the defense industry to fulfill wartime orders for aircraft, munitions, and ships. These “Rosie the Riveters” and “Wendy the Welders” broke down barriers, and became symbols of inspiration and empowerment. On the 82nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we speak with historical novelist Shelley Blanton-Stroud about her newly-released book “Poster Girl,” which captures the experiences – and hardships – faced by these female patriots.

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