Illinois State Fair: Politics taking main stage


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois State Fair is underway in Springfield.

REO Speedwagon kick off a night of entertainment at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on Tuesday, but over the next two days, the stage will belong to the state’s political parties.

The 2023 Illinois State Fair kick off the 11-day celebration of the prairie state’s culture attracting thousands to see farm animals, live bands, carnival rides, and the famous butter cow.

Governor’s Day at the fair will be held on Wednesday, a day in which the state democratic party will tout recent accomplishments on abortion access, gun safety, and becoming the first state to ban book bans.

Illinois Democrats will also emphasize the state’s importance as a labor stronghold and progressive capital of the Midwest. They say the state will play a key role in President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign with the Democratic National Convention coming to Chicago a year from now.

On Thursday, the Illinois Republican Party will have its own day at the fair.

Party leaders are expected to discuss their strategy to win back seats in the Illinois legislature Perhaps introducing new political themes and hammering the democrats on the issue of corruption as former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s Chief of Staff Tim Mapes stands trial for perjury and obstruction of justice.

But that the specter of former President Donald Trump – indicted this week in Georgia for his alleged attempts to overturn the presidential election — hangs over the party.

Political debates are for later this week, but the debate now for is about ketchup or mustard on a corn dog, as the blue state governor doesn’t like the red topping.

“I also want to say that the condiments you put on it differentiates one person from another. The kind of leadership qualities that get exhibited in the people who put open condiment on, and the concern that I have about people who put other condiments on,” Gov. Pritzker said.

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