ICL | subversion cognitive block chain industry, change the world economy


As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, it has affected more than 200 countries and regions, affecting nearly 7 billion people and severely impacting the global economy. Countries around the world continue to release water, global flood irrigation, inflation is increasingly serious, the traditional financial center is serious, frequent privacy leakage, information is not transparent and other abuses are criticized.

In this context, the decentralized blockchain, the deflationary digital currency, and the decentralized financial DeFi with decentralized, transparent system, interoperable, permissionless and other characteristics are highly sought after. Countries have issued blockchain-related policies and vigorously developed the blockchain, which is in full swing in various countries. The total market value of digital currency has exceeded one trillion yuan, and the total turnover has exceeded one billion yuan. The total lock-up volume of DeFi project continues to climb, and the total lock-up value has exceeded 100 billion at present.

ICL | subversion cognitive block chain industry, change the world economy

With the continuous development of blockchain, digital currency and DeFi, more and more miners are involved in mining, the data on the chain is increasing, the public chain is becoming more and more congested, the service fee is high, and the storage cost is getting higher and higher. The increasing number of miners also increases the cost of mining. Take the mining of Bitcoin as an example, data show that the annual power consumption of Bitcoin can reach 121.4 terawatt hours, which is far beyond people’s imagination. You know, one terawatt-hour equals a billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. As a result, countries such as the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates use less electricity annually than Bitcoin. This is only power consumption, in addition to the need to invest in mining machines, sites and other resources, mining costs can be imagined. However, the increasing storage and mining costs have triggered national regulations and public doubts, greatly limiting the development of blockchain.

Under this background, ICL came into being. ICL, full name of Integrated Circuit Language, is an integrated circuit Language. ICL gathers global elites to form a super team to develop with integrated circuit Language and Internet computer, so as to make full use of idle integrated circuits. Reduce the operation, storage, mining and circulation costs of all blockchain assets, build a new global consensus decentralized blockchain transaction network, from now on, as long as there is integrated circuit and the Internet can be stored, mining, revolutionary subversion of the blockchain industry cognition, changed the world economy.

ICL issued a total of 1 billion pieces, never a rights issue, which dropped 999 million, lock up, all online 0.01 U/price, release through trade, node release and community released late release in the form of the three, and destruction mechanism should be established to address drop 6 months without trading lockups currency will be automatically destroyed, part poundage 50% will also be destroyed. The remaining 1 million seed coins will be issued in the smart contract capital pool in a decentralized manner, without reservation by the project side or the official, which is absolutely fair and just.

Under this mechanism, the amount of currency in CIRCULATION of ICL will be very rare. In the future, with the ecological development of ICL and the expansion of consensus, the appreciation space of ICL will be very large, and the value will be further enhanced. Users who hold ICL can enjoy appreciation dividend.

The revenue mechanism of ICL is not only a self-growth model, but also a dividend mechanism. 50% of the revenue generated by other projects and transaction fees brought by ICL using ICL technology will be distributed according to the amount of coins held by users. Users will enjoy a double benefit.

ICL allows everyone to participate in the cryptocurrency production process, making mining less expensive and no longer a few people’s game. As ICL ecology and application scenarios and consensus expand. The value of ICL will increase further. The future belongs to the era of blockchain, digital currency, DeFi, ICL, and every ICL user.

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