Hurricane Otis impacting travel out of the Bay Area to Acapulco


Hurricane Otis has some travelers concerned about their planned trips to Acapulco or nearby destinations. 

There are no direct flights to Acapulco from the Bay Area, and most of the passengers are flying into Mexico City first. 

One man heading to the area was a little nervous about what he will see when he gets there. Jim Wright has seen some of the devastating pictures coming out of Acapulco as Hurricane Otis ripped through the area. 

Wright said, “I feel so sorry for the people of Acapulco. Especially with the time frame of how it developed so quickly which is crazy.”

He is going to a coastal town just south of Acapulco. It’s a place where he hopes to retire. 

Images and information coming out of Acapulco are limited as power has been completely wiped out in the area.

Calvary Chapel has one of its churches just three blocks from the water. Pastor Angel Baez hasn’t been able to reach any of the staff members since the early hours of the storm.

Pastor Baez said, “He said Angel, the wind here is ferocious and they’ve gone through hurricanes before. He said we’ve never seen anything like this. The amount of water that’s coming down is just unbelievable.”

Wright said he doesn’t have second thoughts about retiring on the coast of Mexico, but this hurricane will make him more cautious about the location of his new home.

He added, “One of the reasons I chose the area was because of the infrequency of hurricanes.”

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