How to Play in PlatoFarm: Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide


You must have heard of the word “Metaverse” as it is trending, but do you know how to learn about it? You may have heard of NFT games, but you have no idea when you are talking about it? Recently, a popular NFT game Plato Farm is about to be launched. The art style is really cute and it is featured farming. If you haven’t tried any NFT games before, don’t miss out this easy-to-play game! 

In this article, let me guide you to explore the world of the Metaverse and NFT games from Plato Farm!

Ⅰ. Game Download 

You can obtain the installation package on the official website: or search “Plato Farm Pro” in the App Store.

Ⅱ. Registration 

The interface is as below when you first time open the game:

To register the game, an HECO address is needed. Players can create your HECO address on the game end (create a wallet) or import an HECO address (private key). It supports Huobi wallet/ONTO wallet/Bitkeep wallet/Coin98 wallet. Below I will introduce the usage scenarios of the two methods.

  1. Create a wallet

You can follow the popups to create a wallet directly if you don’t have any HECO address. 

  1. Set wallet password

This password is used for NFTs trading and the deposits

  1. Backup Mnemonic Phrase 

Mnemonic phrase is more important than game password. Anyone as long as having your mnemonic phrase is owning your wallet. It is recommended to write the mnemonic phrase on paper and keep it properly. The official has stated that the mnemonic phrase cannot be retrieved for the player.

  1. Verification of the Mnemonic Phrase

Fill in the box with the mnemonic words of the previous step in order

  1. Set Game Password: This password is used to log in to the game. You can see the generated wallet address on this page for transactions. 

Notice: The mnemonic phrase/private key cannot be sent to anyone!

After enter the game and open the wallet center, you will see My Wallet at the top left corner and click the Export to export your private key. 

  1. Import private key
  1. Import your private key
  2. Set wallet password: You will have to set a wallet password every time if you login via the private key. 
  3. Set game password
  4. Complete the game account registration.

Game NFT Acquisition

After enter the game and you’ll see it is completely barren land, it is because of all the props are NFT. You will have to buy props to start the game. 

Take the wheat for example:

Players will be able to enter the official website on browser or visit in the wallet directly. Take examples on PC end or Mobile End respectively.

PC End

  1. You will need to install a MetaMask plug-in here

Step1: Click the upper right corner of the Google browser, click “Settings” in the drop-down menu, select “Extensions” in the left menu bar, and then click “Extensions” on the left side after entering the page. And then select [open Chrome Web App Store], enter [MetaMask] to install.

Step2: After installing the Metamask plug-in, you need to apply for a Metamask account and import the address of our wallet. 

  1. Open the official website again, it will automatically pop up the Metamask window. After entering the password, PlatoFarm will be automatically associated with Metamask and then confirm the connection. 
  1. You can buy the NFT props at Market, such as land, seeds, processing plants, and pay attention to the difference between Product and Resource! Product is for the processed products, such as harvested wheat, corn, etc. Resource is for the seeds, such as wheat seeds, corn seeds. 
  1. Finally, go back to the game. Click on the man on the interface, you can also see the NFT assets of the wallet here, and transfer these NFT assets from the wallet to the game repository.

Step1: Click the NFT and select the quantity, click Deposit, and enter the wallet password.

Step2: After the extraction is done, you can view the assets available in our game in the game repository or in NFT withdrew. In the same way, you can also extract the resources from our game warehouse to our wallet (click NFT withdrew to select the “selected quantity” of assets that need to be withdrawn to the wallet and enter the wallet password), and then you can also sell the assets on the official website.

Step3: Then click the shopping cart button, you can see that the Available turns green, indicating that you already have these assets in the warehouse.

Please note here the Available indicates the assets you have in the warehouse, for example 25/40 indicates that you can use up to 40 plots of land at the current level, while you have actually used 25 plots of land, and the gray pattern indicates that the function is locked.

In addition, there is no restrictions on the purchase of NFT props, but it is restricted on use. For example, if you are now at level 1, you can buy the bakery NFT on the official website, but you cannot use this bakery immediately because it is for level 2 to unlock.

Mobile End

PlatoFarm supports the following wallets: Metamask, Huobi Wallet, and BitKeep. Here take the example for TokenPocket:

1) Download TokenPocket App from 

2) Log in the wallet, you will see the following page:

Here, choose “I have an account” and “HECO Chain” in the next interface. If you have a private key, you can choose the first item “Private Key”, and if you only mnemonic phrase, select the second item “Recovery Phrase import”. 

Click Discover at the bottom of the tab bar, enter the PlatoFarm official website address:, and then enter the PlatoFarm website. 

Click on the menu bar in the upper right corner, you can purchase NFT in the drop-down list Market, and you can view the details of wallet NFT in Personal:

For the following steps are same as the operations on PC end. 

At Plato Farm, there are not only farming, but also crop processing, NPC trading, a wide range of NFT and a variety of gameplay! Now pick up your phone and build your own farm in Metaverse!

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