How to avoid this new air travel scam – NBC Connecticut

AAA is warning air travelers about a recent scam targeting those with delayed or canceled flights.

The scam involves fake numbers that may appear when travelers search online for an airline’s phone number because their flight has been delayed or canceled.

These third-party phone numbers prompt travelers to provide their reservation information and credit card number. They may charge callers a so-called “service fee” or the supposed price difference between two flights, according to AAA.

These fees can range in the hundreds of dollars. AAA reminded the public that airlines will not charge customers for canceled or delayed flights.

Here’s how you can avoid getting scammed:

  • Speak with an airline employee in-person at the airport if your flight is delayed or canceled
  • Use the airline’s app to change flights
  • Download the airline’s app and save their approved number prior to your trip
  • Look into travel insurance in case of cancelations or delays.