How ROKiT Studios Is Changing The Entertainment Industry


As actors and writers continue to slug it out with studios and streamers, one company, ROKiT Studios, is unbothered and unaffected by the strikes.

In May of 2023, ROKiT launched the world’s first completely free streaming service without advertisements that is safe and suitable for all ages with ROKiT Flix. The initial launch included 2D animation, public domain motion comics and AI features.

3D animation, classic cartoons, and animated shorts have been added since the launch. ROKiT finances and curates the media seen on ROKiT Flix. The streaming service prides itself on wholesome family entertainment and having content that is safe for young viewers.

Beyond video content, the company also specializes in personal entertainment gadgets. ROKiT’s smart glasses are unisex and sport bluetooth speakers and a built-in mic. The glasses also have magnetic charging and are IPX4 waterproof.

The ROKiT Group was founded by serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria back in 2018.

Kendrick naturally believes ROKiT’s glasses are superior to others in the market.

“I’m a gadget geek and have been using smart glasses since their inception; everything from Bose to the cheapest AmazonAMZN buy… and when it was time for my family vacation to Maui, I brought my ROKiT Smart Glasses,” Kendrick told me of the glasses available on their site, that run from $59.90 to $69.90, via email.

“They sound great, the battery won’t kick out on me, they are comfortable and look great! I wasn’t overprotective of them because of an insanely steep price tag and they were durable enough to stand up to heavy hikes, crashing waves, and multiple drops , they’re just [a] great value.”

The ROKiT co-founder and chairman also feels now is the ideal time for ROKiT Flix to thrive.

“The Hollywood system is broken,” Kendrick said. “TV is in [free fall]; streaming is imploding under its own weight. We are here to disrupt the status quo and offer an alternative, a safe haven for adults to bring their kids and families where they don’t have to look over their kids shoulders to see what they are watching or worry about ads, inappropriate messages, or anything but good, clean, fun.”

When asked if the actors or writers strikes affect ROKiT Flix in anyway, Kendrick had a clear and concise response.

“No, we don’t work for Hollywood,” he said. “We are our own entity that gives people outside the system a chance to tell great stories and entertain.”

The motion comics prove to be perhaps ROKiT Flix’s most innovative feature. ROKiT is able to create animation quickly through with a large bank of comics and original content. Kendrick stated, “we can motion-ize many stories at a time to create a never-ending avalanche of entertainment.”

The ROKiT Animation All Star component is an ongoing call to action for young creatives to be able to submit their own content and potentially see their ideas come to life.

Those interested in submitting and contributing to ROKiT Animation All Star can visit here.

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