How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica? Let’s calculate the cost


If you plan to visit the Antarctica Peninsula this year or next, the recent cost calculation will help you determine your budget.

Antarctica attracts thousands of tourists yearly with its pristine ice-capped landscape and wonderful wildlife.

However, travelling to the South Pole isn’t as simple as visiting other destinations.

It seems more costly and challenging than exploring any landmass. You need to make a handsome budget based on your Antarctica cruise itinerary. For example, an average round-upair ticket may range between $5000 and $15000 per person. You can arrange an average accommodation of $100 or more with luxury.

Thus, the Antarctic excursion cost depends on the way of the trip, the duration of stay, the number of tourists, food, transportation, season, and more. You must consider all factors to fix a sound budget.

In this budgetary write-up, I will breakdown all aspects of calculating the cost of travelling to Antarctica. Therefore, you can make a safe and happy tour of the world-wondering landscape without trouble.

If you plan to visit the Antarctica Peninsula this year or next, the recent cost calculation will help you determine your budget. So, stay with me and go through the following cruise cost analysis.

Travelling to Antarctica: How much does a cruise ship expedition cost
A sea voyage is the easiest and most affordable way to travel to the Antarctica Peninsula. And most people love visiting the ice-covered remote destination by cruise ships. Let’s see how much you need to speed up.

A budget Antarctica cruise starts from $5,000 and goes up to $8,000 per person. You will find basic amenities in the budget cruise ships. It offers you simple but satisfying accommodations.

In the budget Antarctica cruise, you will miss internal flights, airport transfers, additional excursions, and pre-cruise hotel overnights. However, you can make an affordable deal with the budget cruise package.

If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort with price, the mid-range cruise will be ideal for visiting Antarctica. The mid-range cruise price ranges between $8,000 and $15,000 per person.

The mid-range ships are seasoned expedition vessels with satisfying amenities like comfortable lounges, libraries, and gyms. It offers multiple cabins, delicious meals, and off-vessel activities.

There are also luxury cruises with ultra-modern amenities to offer a new level of comfort in polar cruising. It requires you to spend more than $15000 per person. The entry-level cabins may be available a bit less.

You can avail of the five-star cruising services in the modern & luxury fleet. It includes a full-service spa, gourmet cuisine, wider windows, larger balconies, underwater rovers, video microscopes, and more.

Exploring Antarctica: How much does it cost for flights?
If you have sea sickness, air can be an appropriate way of wandering across Antarctica. Though flying by aeroplane is costlier than cruising by ship, you can have a faster option to travel over the icy landmass.

Qantas’ Dreamliner arranges a few flights yearly to offer Antarctica enthusiasts the quickest and most comfortable trips over the South Pole. You can fly from Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, costing about $2000.

If you want to explore Antarctica from the ground by flying, you must spend a lot to organize a private charter flight. It may require more than $30,000 per person to arrange the flight.

The air flight lands on King George Island, and the tourists take zodiac boats to explore Antarctica. You can book a hotel, arrange extended excursions, and be closer to the South Pole wildlife.

Staying in Antarctica: How much does it cost for accommodation
Due to unfavourable marine weather, there is limited option for hotel-based accommodation in Antarctica. However, if you want to book a hotel, you must spend from $100 to $300 per night for each person.

The price range may be higher based on the quality of amenities in these hotels. So, it requires roughly $200 or $600 for an average accommodation for two nights per person.

Furthermore, you may manage your accommodation in research stations, cruise vessels, and makeshift camps. It helps you save your pocket for staying in the Antarctica Peninsula.

Satisfying meals: How much does it cost for food and drinks
You must consider the cost of food and beverages while preparing the budget for the Antarctica trip. Though most expedition packages include satisfying meals, you need to pay more for extra items.

If you want to taste Antarctica’s traditional cuisines like pemmican, bannock, and chocolate, you should make a budget of $50 to $100 per day. However, the cost may vary based on your preferred meals.

Essential clothing: How does it cost for required clothing
You must care about the required clothing to travel the coldest and windiest waterway of the Southern Pole. It includes waterproof jackets, trousers, boots, gloves, and more to survive extreme conditions.

Some cruise lines provide these required travelling clothes and kits within their expedition packages. Otherwise, you must rent or buy these essential clothing items before stepping on the icy ground.

You may require another $1000 to buy all the required travelling clothes and kits. It may vary based on the quality of the clothing items. However, you can minimize the clothing cost by renting them.

Sightseeing & Expanded activities: How much should you pay for it
Antarctica enchants travellers with all its breathtaking natural beauties and wondering wildlife. That’s why people don’t care about cost, challenge, and effort to travel to the amazing Antarctica.

Though you don’t need to pay for exploring the natural beauties and wildlife like penguins, whales, seals, and seabirds, you must spend a small amount of entrance fee for restricted attractions.

Moreover, some expended and thrilling activities like kayaking, camping, and helicopter cruising may require an additional cost of $200 or $500 per person. The average cost may vary according to the activities.

Internet connectivity: How much does it cost for Wi-Fi or cellular network
Though you are at the world’s remotest destination, you can connect with your friends and family using a cellular network and local Wi-Fi connectivity. It lets you be with your loved ones 24/7.

Larger cruise lines and some tour companies offer their travellers Wi-Fi connectivity at an additional charge. Based on the data plan, the internet connection costs maybe $30 per day.

Wrapping up:How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica
When luxury knows no limit, luxurious travel to the world-amazing Antarctica can also touch the sky limit. So, we should keep the luxurious trip aside while drawing a final calculation of the travel cost.

The average cost for the Antarctica tour may range between $1000 and $15000 per person for a round-trip sea voyage. You can enjoy your travelling time, accommodation, meals, and others within the budget.

There are different factors to minimize or maximize the overall expense. You can curtail the budget by traveling during the shoulder season, booking cruise ticket earlier, availing of free attractions, and more.

Have a happy Antarctica cruise!

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