How has sports betting impacted New York


Football season is underway, and many New Yorkers are now back to placing bets on games.

“Sports betting, to me, gives me another reason to watch the game and makes it more interactive,” said football fan Peter Wegrzyn.

This is the second year mobile sports betting has been legal in New York. Last year, the revenue from mobile sports betting was significant.

What You Need To Know

  • The return of football season means more fans are placing bets 
  • In 2022, the total revenue for mobile sports betting in New York was roughly $1.4 billion
  • That money mostly goes toward education, with small amounts to addiction programs and youth sports

“For the year 2022, we were the No. 1 mobile sports betting product in the country. But the total revenue for mobile sports betting last year was right around $1.4 billion, and that revenue mostly goes toward education, along with $6 million for addiction programs and $5 million for youth sports,” said Sen. Joseph Addabbo of the 15th Senate District.

Wegrzyn said he feels better about potentially losing his money, knowing it’s going to help others.

“If it could be used for something that’s good like education, I mean, that hits home. Both my parents are teachers, retired teachers. So that’s big for me. I really support that,” Wegrzyn said.

Advertisements around sports betting have also taken off, sparking conversations about how it’s affecting others. It’s important to be aware that those ads are trying to persuade you, Wegrzyn said.

“When I see advertisements for DraftKings and FanDuel and Caesars Sportsbook, it doesn’t really impact me. I’m not going to go and bet just because I saw an ad, but … obviously there are some people that will do that,” Wegrzyn said.

While betting on games can be fun, it can also be addicting, which is why Wegrzyn never forgets the golden rule of gambling.

“Don’t bet more than you’re comfortable losing. Don’t look at betting as another form of income. It’s not. It’s expendable. It should be looked at as something to do for fun,” he said.

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