HouseLux is revolutionizing the Dubai real estate market by Web3 real estate platform


“Bitcoin breaks through a record high of US$70,000. How can you make money in the Web3 bull market?”

“Buy real estate in Dubai, enjoy your life and make money”

At this year’s Hong Kong Web3 Carnival and the just-concluded Dubai Token 2049 exhibition, one of the most popular booths was a brand new name: HouseLux.

An eye-catching poster has attractive words written on it: #USD ASSETS #8-12% rental income #tax-free #golden visa #stable, safe, neutral #USDT direct payment.

Such eye-catching slogans attracted passersby to stop and take a look.

According to reports, the unique innovative project,, is leveraging mature internet models and blockchain RWA technology innovation to create a one-stop Dubai real estate investment management platform tailored to the new generation of investors.

Why should you buy real estate in Dubai after making money with Web3?

Dubai is the economic and financial center of the Middle East. It is located in the center of Asia, Africa and Europe. It covers two-thirds of the world’s population within an 8-hour flight. Dubai’s superior geographical location has successfully attracted people from all over the world to invest and travel. At the same time, Dubai’s population is in a stage of rapid growth and is expected to reach 5.8 million permanent residents in 2040. At the same time, Dubai is politically stable, neutral and safe. According to Interpol statistics, Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. As the first real estate developer in Dubai to accept Crypto payment assets, coupled with the friendly and positive blockchain policies of the Dubai government, it is attracting more Web3 investors.

High Return on Investment

According to data provided by HouseLux, over the past 3 years, the property market in Dubai has appreciated by approximately 15% annually; some popular areas and unit types have even doubled or tripled in value within three years. Additionally, the annual rental yield in Dubai typically ranges from 7-8%, reaching up to 12% at its peak. As long as you find a reliable rental management platform, it is indeed as HouseLux claims— “initiating a passive income mode.”

Low down payment threshold, tax exemption, and permanent property rights

The Dubai real estate market covers a variety of types such as apartments, villas, and commercial properties to meet the needs of different investors. The investment threshold starts as low as US$150,000, and the down payment is only 20%. Dh2 million can buy a large apartment with two bedrooms, two living rooms and four bathrooms over 100 square meters, and even Dh2.95 million can buy a smaller townhouse.

Additionally, Dubai is a tax-free city where no taxes are levied on either property appreciation or rental income. In terms of purchasing conditions, individuals holding passports from any country can buy property here, and most properties in Dubai come with permanent ownership rights.

10-Year Golden Visa

Purchasing property exceeding 2 million dirhams qualifies for an unlimited renewal of the 10-year Golden Visa issued by the Dubai government. Holders of the Golden Visa can work or establish companies in Dubai without the need for sponsorship or employer restrictions. Long-term stays abroad do not affect the validity of the Dubai visa; only activation is required every two years by entering the country. Moreover, purchasing property for one person provides residency visas for family members, allowing them to benefit from education policies. Children can choose to study at overseas universities or return to participate in the Chinese Overseas Chinese Examination and apply to prestigious domestic universities, offering dual options and multiple advantages.

USD Assets, No Foreign Exchange Controls

The Dubai currency, the dirham, is pegged to the US dollar, so owning property in Dubai is effectively holding USD assets. Additionally, Dubai’s financial environment is open with no foreign exchange controls, allowing funds to freely enter and exit, and properties to be liquidated at any time, ensuring liquidity and flexibility.

Web3 Payments, Installments, Loans

Furthermore, as a city embracing innovation and friendly policies, Dubai is leading the application of Web3 technology in the real estate industry. In fact, many property developers in Dubai are now accepting various payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Dubai’s property payment plans are flexible, with payments typically made according to the progress of construction, usually completed within 3 to 5 years, with interest-free installments throughout. Furthermore, foreigners buying property in Dubai can enjoy corresponding loan policies, significantly increasing the utilization of funds, with down payments typically ranging from 10% to 30%.

In summary, Dubai real estate offers six core advantages: high growth potential, high rental returns, low threshold for installment payments, no tax requirements, (property valued over 2 million dirhams) granting permanent residency status and access to education dividends. And HouseLux adds a bright spot: providing exclusive one-stop services for Web3 communities from property selection, purchase, and custody.

What sets the HouseLux platform apart?

In mainland China, companies like “Lianjia” and “Ziroom” under Beike platform have almost perfected the model of “online property search + standardized transactions” in the real estate brokerage platform. However, in Dubai, traditional real estate transactions still suffer from issues such as complexity, inefficiency, and lack of transparency. 

The innovation of HouseLux lies in simplifying the transaction process using mature internet models, enhancing the efficiency of information display and retrieval, and utilizing Web3 technology to provide more possibilities for payments, all while maintaining full cost transparency. The platform even goes as far as to adopt the slogan “expensive or refund”, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence.

According to HouseLux CEO Alan, in terms of product form and functionality, is dedicated to creating a simple, user-friendly, and secure one-stop internet real estate investment platform. Currently, both the web and app versions of this platform are online, offering diverse property options and positioning itself as the “Dubai real estate online investment supermarket”. Clients can access various services such as property selection online, VR property viewing, contract signing, payment, process management, and rental collection on this platform. Investors can also find data, research reports, special topics, recommendations, and more on the platform.

If investors are interested in new properties, they can find information on all developers’ projects here, integrating progress updates, calendar reminders, real-time information, and owner communities. If investors are interested in second-hand properties, HouseLux can help them compare various options, satisfying both immediate needs for self-occupation and investment management.

Dubai real estate, the future of RWA looks promising. 

According to CEO Alan,’s RWA products are also being developed simultaneously and are expected to be released to the public in the second half of the year. Currently, efforts are focused on expanding the internet real estate buying, selling, and management business to form a closed loop, providing strong support for future RWA development.

In the future, HouseLux will offer a new investment method: investors can directly purchase RWA assets to hold Dubai properties and gain potential appreciation and rental income, while landlords can tokenize their properties to gain liquidity and inject more stable financial investment targets into the DeFi industry.

At the same time, Alan welcomes active communication and cooperation from industry insiders and outsiders to jointly build the Dubai real estate ecosystem and innovate RWA implementation. As a local real estate platform based in Dubai, HouseLux is eager to assist Web3 peers who come to Dubai.

Although the application of Web3 in the real estate field is still in its early stages, its enormous transformative potential is already becoming apparent. Projects like HouseLux, which are rooted in tradition and are boldly innovative, are leading the industry towards a more efficient, transparent, and inclusive future. We have reason to believe that through the continuous innovation of, the power of Web3 will bring new vitality to the Dubai and global real estate markets.

>>For more information, please click “” to learn about the details of HouseLux webpage

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