Have Aloha Will Travel EP117: How to Travel to Maui


In this episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast, we bring on HTA’s chief brand officer Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā to discuss Maui travel.
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A scene from the Kula fires.
Photo: Courtesy of DLNR

It’s a confusing time to be a visitor with travel plans to Maui.

The discourse on social media has made it even more confusing too, with influencers and locals saying to “stay away.” However, while not affecting areas like Lahaina and certain parts of Kula is definitely the call, the rest of the island—and its many businesses that are reliant of visitors—still need to pay the bills.

To shed more light on the topic, and to help travelers make the right call through these tragic times, Kevin and Cat and joined by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority’s chief brand officer Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā to discuss this sensitive topic.

If you’re looking for the links listed for travelers to Maui, the GoHawaii site mentioned by Kaʻanāʻanā can be found at gohawaii.com and residents can go to hawaiitourismauthority.org. And if you’re searching for the previous episode of the Have Aloha Will Travel podcast, which is more about the Maui wildfires and what happened, you can find that here.

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