happier camper’s HC1 travel trailers with modular components revive retro-modern camping


Happier Camper’s HC1 and HC1 Studio travel trailers


Happier Camper’s HC1 travel trailer with movable furniture and modular components brings back retro-modern camping in its quaint, lightweight, and towable mobile unit. The body is made with fiberglass double hull handcrafted shells, honeycomb fiberglass floor grids, and custom hardware and components to ensure durability. Happier’s HC1 travel trailer is designed to suit an on-the-road lifestyle, featuring a spacious rear hatch, a wide entry door, classic wheel fenders, a honeycomb fiberglass floor, and large panoramic windows. These features support nomadic ventures, living, and even working while on the move.


In addition to the HC1 travel trailer model, Happier Camper has introduced the HC1 Studio, which includes a fully-appointed kitchenette, a bathroom, and the option to accommodate a Queen-sized bed. The spacious and modular interior allows nomads to set up their own workstations for a work-from-road setting wherever they go. In this arrangement, the bed or couch can be folded to create space for a desk that can also serve as a dining table. The propane-powered air and water combination heater keeps nomads comfortable while fully off-grid, and the dry flush toilet eliminates the need for dealing with sanitizing, dumping, or maintaining a black water tank.

happier camper hc1 travel trailers
images by Happier Camper



Adaptive modular components with no glue or screws


Both the Happier HC1 and HC1 Studio travel trailers are equipped with what Happier Camper calls the ‘Adaptiv modular system.’ Using thick honeycomb fiberglass, the floor of the travel trailers has integrated table bases, frame-mounted D-ring tie-downs, and well-placed drains that can be transformed – or that the nomad can place – into a bed, couch, table, kitchenette, toilet, and cooler cube, to name a few. The system uses no glues, screws, or rivets, as Happier Camper designs roto-molded pieces to fit snugly in the grooves. In this way, nomads are offered an open space, and they are the ones who will decide where to place each element.


Both travel trailers from Happier Camper also feature solar panels that power up the appliances and equipment in the mobile unit. With its size, the company says it can fit into a single parking space, and popular vehicles these days can easily tow the lightweight travel trailers. Happier Camper also states that while the HC1 Studio may suit solo travelers or a couple best, the classic HC1 version can sleep up to a family of five, as it does not come with a toilet or kitchenette like the HC1 Studio. Optional accessories are also offered, allowing nomads to further customize the layout they want for their travel trailers.

happier camper hc1 travel trailers
Happier Camper’s HC1 travel trailer features a spacious rear hatch and a wide entry door

happier camper hc1 travel trailers
Happier Camper’s HC1 travel trailer also has a honeycomb fiberglass floor and large panoramic windows

happier camper hc1 travel trailers
Happier Camper’s HC1 Studio rear view

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