Hanatour launches real-time travel info-sharing chat app


South Korea’s leading travel agency Hanatour Service Inc. has launched the location-based travel-specialized open chat service app called “Hana OpenChat.”

Under the concept that global travel experiences converge through “Hana OpenChat,” the app provides a platform for interaction and information exchange among users based on their locations. This open chat service enables a wide range of travel experiences, from trip preparations to finding local companions, aiming to offer users diverse and enriching travel journeys.

Before embarking on a trip, users can use Hana OpenChat to set their intended destination city and create general chat rooms to participate in conversations. Based on the users’ current locations, the app creates chat rooms that allow users traveling to the same destination around the same time or on similar routes to exchange information within a location-based context.

These location-based chat rooms can adjust the real-time radius of 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, and more, to obtain more accurate information. Users can exchange real-time, up-to-date local information such as weather, eateries, landmarks, and tourist site operating hours on an hourly basis, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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