GPT4DRONES continues to expand the global market, CEO Yanislav Malahov accepted an exclusive interview with GlobalNewsOnline


GPT4DRONES continues to expand the global market, CEO Yanislav Malahov accepted an exclusive interview with GlobalNewsOnline

GlobalNewsOnline: Dear audience friends, today we are very honored to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Yanislav Malahov, CEO of GPT4DRONES. Welcome, Mr. Yanislav Malahov!

Yanislav Malahov: Thanks to GlobalNewsOnline for the invitation. I am excited to share the mission and vision of GPT4DRONES with you all.

GlobalNewsOnline: So, let’s get started. As the CEO of GPT4DRONES, can you share how the company’s mission and belief in the core ideas of artificial intelligence, blockchain and Bitcoin were formed?

Yanislav Malahov: GPT4DRONES’mission is built on our belief in the core ideas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Bitcoin. We believe that distributed ledger and smart contract technology will build the foundation of human trust. This belief drives us to devote ourselves to the development of new robots based on ChatGPT and equipped with NVIDIA’s latest GPU, aiming to quickly analyze and organize big data from social media, thereby eliminating transaction barriers and improving transaction efficiency.

GlobalNewsOnline: What is your vision for the company? What kind of impact or change do you hope to achieve with GPT4DRONES in the future?

Yanislav Malahov: Our vision is to become an industry leader and drive innovation in the areas where artificial intelligence and blockchain converge. We hope to provide users with the most advanced digital asset trading services through GPT4DRONES, promote the development of the financial field, enable artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to empower the global economy, and have a significant impact on the real economy and the entire world.

GlobalNewsOnline: In the different stages of the company’s development, how would you describe the stage the company is currently at, and can you talk about the strategic plan for future development?

Yanislav Malahov: Currently, we are in a stage of rapid growth and are committed to improving user experience and expanding service scope. Our future development plans cover technological innovation, global expansion and cooperation with financial institutions. Specific plans include expanding services to global financial centers, adding multi-language versions, promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in blockchain and ecological construction, and building an AI super chain.

GlobalNewsOnline: What unique advantages does GPT4DRONES have in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain and finance? How do these advantages affect the company’s development and user experience?

Yanislav Malahov: Our unique advantage lies in combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide users with efficient and secure digital asset trading services. Through the fourth generation  AI quantitative trading system, we are able to conduct transactions quickly and accurately, improving users’ transaction efficiency and experience, while ensuring the security of transactions and providing users with long-term stable income channels.

GlobalNewsOnline: Regarding the technical team, how do they promote the company’s innovation and development? How do you think their professional background gives the company a competitive advantage?

Yanislav Malahov: Our technical team comes from top institutions in the industry and has rich experience and professional knowledge. Their technical background and innovative thinking have brought leading technologies such as advanced AI algorithms and blockchain smart chips to the company, providing important support for the company’s development.

GlobalNewsOnline: For future development plans, you mentioned a series of goals and plans. Of these programs, which do you find to be the most challenging? How can you ensure your company succeeds in these challenges?

Yanislav Malahov: The most challenging parts of our future plans include expanding to different markets around the world, cooperating with financial institutions, promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in the blockchain field, etc. In order to ensure success, we will continue to carry out technological innovation and strengthen team collaboration, while paying close attention to market trends and flexibly adjust strategies.

GlobalNewsOnline: In addition to digital asset services and quantitative trading, does GPT4DRONES plan to expand in other areas? For example, you just mentioned the social impact on the real economy .

Yanislav Malahov: Yes, we have plans to expand into other areas. We hope to exert greater social impact through artificial intelligence technology in the fields of education, charity, healthcare and environment. This will be an important strategy for us in the future.

GlobalNewsOnline: Can you elaborate on your plans for the future development of blockchain technology applications and the GPT4Drones AI super chain? How do you think these technological developments will shape the future of finance and artificial intelligence?

Yanislav Malahov: We plan to deeply integrate artificial intelligence technology and blockchain through the GPT4Drones AI super chain to lay the foundation for the progress of the artificial intelligence industry. This will bring a more efficient and safer trading environment to the financial industry and provide new possibilities for the future development of the artificial intelligence industry.

GlobalNewsOnline: OK,good, that will really help the development of the industry. Can Mr. Yanislav Malahov reveal the current number of GPT4DRONES users and whether the growth rate is in line with expectations?

Yanislav Malahov: Yes , the number of GPT4DRONES users has now exceeded 500,000, a year-on-year increase of 37.5%. In fact, what we pay more attention to now is user experience. User and market satisfaction is our new goal.

GlobalNewsOnline: That sounds exciting. Can you share GPT4DRONES’s development plans and strategies in Latin America, especially the Argentine market?

Yanislav Malahov: Of course. Latin America is one of our key markets for development, especially the Argentine market, which is full of opportunities and potential. We plan to return to the Argentinian market and increase investment to meet the growing needs of our Argentine partners. In fact, we will invest $100 million to help build the Argentinian market. The investment will be used to drive innovation, enhance user experience and support local businesses and individual entrepreneurship, among other things.

GlobalNewsOnline: This is exciting news! Last question, Mr. Yanislav Malahov, can you share the development priorities of GPT4DRONES in the next few years?

Yanislav Malahov: One of our future focuses is to continue to expand the market in Latin America, including the Argentine market. We will increase investment to provide more innovative user experiences to meet changing user needs. In addition, we will also support local enterprises and individual entrepreneurs by providing them with online operating channels to help them expand their businesses. We hope to prosper together with local businesses and individual entrepreneurs , achieve mutual benefit and create a better future together. We will also continue to promote sustainable development and give back to society.

GlobalNewsOnline: Thank you very much Mr. Yanislav Malahov for sharing your vision and plans for the future of GPT4DRONES. This US$100 million investment will help build the Argentine market and bring more opportunities to Argentine users and local businesses. thank you for your time!

Yanislav Malahov: Thank you very much for the invitation to GlobalNewsOnline and I look forward to future developments. Thank you for your attention.

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