Fusion Technology Coin(FTC)- Next generation converged DeFi protocol for global financial market


Many people’s initial understanding of DeFi may be a decentralized exchange like uniswap, which uses liquidity pools and automated market makers to realize the complete marketization of transactions. Defi has become the keyword of blockchain financial applications. Whether from comp online or yfi overnight fame, defi delivered one myth after another and stories of sudden wealth, making the whole financial circle almost crazy. According to the data, the total lock up volume of DeFi has reached US $70.7 billion, involving many categories such as lending, exchanges, remittances and derivatives, which has greatly met people’s demand on the chain. A huge trading system has been gradually formed, and the cryptocurrency financial derivatives market is also developing at a high speed.

Fusion Technology Coin(FTC)- Next generation converged DeFi protocol for global financial market

Many people suddenly ask a question after using DeFi: is it possible to trade the existing traditional assets in such a market, so that the cryptocurrency market can develop like the existing asset classes and have a diversified portfolio.This will make the future cryptocurrency more financial, just like stocks, fixed income and real estate financial products, they are established in an open and fair trading environment. For everyone, they are free and unrestricted, and they can complete the transaction through smart contract without the participation of institutions.

As early as the end of 2019, the technology team of the Fusion Technology foundation has discovered the market demand and started the technology research and development of the integrated financial services agreement. Fusion Technology Coin is finally developed from the idea to the reality by the market demand. Fusion Technology Coin expects to bring the financial products based on cryptocurrency to users in a safe, reliable and transparent way,It is a financial service based on multiple smart contracts, a code machine for financial self-service on the blockchain.

Fusion Technology Coin (FTC) is the next generation of converged DeFi protocol based on Ethereum network. It aims to build a robust cryptocurrency financial ecosystem and defines the financial derivatives service protocol based on cryptocurrency. FTC ecosystem provides investors with decentralized cryptocurrency financial derivative investment market, financial products, services and applications to meet their investment needs. FTC provides global investors with cryptocurrency financial derivatives applications and investment tools, so that users can properly manage their cryptocurrency wealth, so that they can build a highly diversified portfolio, hedge downside risks, and obtain positive returns under any market conditions.

FTC liquidity protocol adopts the automatic market maker model similar to traditional finance, and its core technical team mainly comes from uniswap. FTC liquidity protocol is improved from uniswap on the automatic market maker model. Uniswap is the largest cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Ethereum network, which aims to promote the automatic exchange transaction between Eth and erc20 cryptocurrencies, It automatically provides liquidity on the Ethereum network. FTC protocol is benchmarked with uniswap protocol, which is connected to uniswap through open source interface, becoming the first integrated defi protocol. It is composed of exchange, fund pool and liquidity provider. The liquidity provider will provide cryptocurrency trading pairs, and the market price is given by smart contract based on twap, This price model enables traders to trade only on the basis of market price, instead of using the price deviating from the market, which will play a good role in promoting the liquidity of cryptocurrency. Another important thing to note is that the FTC liquidity protocol is based on Ethereum blockchain, which means that the FTC cryptocurrency issued in the FTC ecosystem can not be used for trading,Theoretically, it can be traded in any market that supports erc20 standard.

FTC makes it easy for all cryptocurrency investors to participate in this investment market. We integrate the high-quality investment models in the market into the blockchain network, create financial services similar to banks, and cooperate with all communities to create cryptocurrency services that meet their investors investment objectives and risk tolerance. We integrate pledge mining, liquidity mining, lending and other services oracle, aggregate finance, machine gun pool and other decentralized financial services.

Different from BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), FTC hopes that DeFi is more like a bank, providing users with financial services based on multiple smart contracts, rather than a single business model. It must be an integrated decentralized financial service platform, rather than just a simple defi protocol. Similarly, the income of FTC comes from handling charges, loan interest and financial investment, which are the same as those of traditional banking institutions. You can also use FTC as a code machine for financial self-service on the blockchain.

In the near future, FTC (Fusion Technology Coin) will be officially launched on uniswap exchange on May 3rd, 2021 marking the beginning of a new generation of ecological wave of defi. FTC will redefine the digital financial network of defi in the future and create a new value future!

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