Fully-Automaticliftable&foldable all-in-one Led display World Premiere CLT ISE2024 is ready to go


Integrated SyStems Europe (ISE) will be held in Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center, Spain, from January 30th to February 2nd, 2024. ISE has always been the world’s most visited professional audiovisual exhibition, and has always represented the highest authority of audiovisual technology in the commercial field. As the world’s first creator of LED all-in-one LED diaplay and the standard setter of commercial display industry, CLT has been continuously innovating, deeply laying out the field of intelligent display, actively promoting the internationalization strategy, and participating in the exhibition for many years in a row.

Fully-Automaticliftable&foldable all-in-one Led display World Premiere CLT ISE2024 is ready to go

At ISE 2023, CLT made a big splash with its naked eye 3D screen and solutions, which stood out from many other companies and made the front page of the official ISE magazine. In 2024, CLT will continue its efforts and held in the form of “omnidirectional” to show the core technology and program capability of CLT in the field of Engineering all-in-one led display , Rental movable all-in-one led display ,Infrared touch all-in-one led display ,Automatic foldable & retractable all-in-one led display ,Conference all-in-one led display and others GOB/COB all-in-one led display ,and 2K /4K all-in-one led display , to welcome this technological feast.

The exhibition unveiled the heavyweight new products: F-Board A series of fully-automatic liftable&foldable all-in-one Led display, the world’s first fully automatic liftable&foldable led display technology, showing CLT in the product innovation, the cutting edge of smart technology, but also the highest point of the upgrade of the commercial display industry.

-Pioneering fullyautomatic liftable&foldable

   The unique screen body automatically folds backward and can realize 65cm lifting and lowering, which saves space and reduces the risk of damage to lamp beads by external forces.

-Convenient movement

The whole display is packed in an aviation case, which can be easily moved in and out of the elevator to meet different scenarios and user needs.

-No need to install, ready to use

F-Board A groundbreaking folding structure and industrial design, no need to install, open and use in 2 minutes.

-Deep integration, easy to use

Deep integration of LED fine-pitch technology, Android system, IOT control, video conferencing system, customized audio, etc., plug and play.

-2K/4K HD display

Super chromaticity technology and super image processing technology, can realize 2K/4K HD display, more detailed picture quality.

-Self-developed Coled OS system

Self-developed Coled OS user-level operating system, simple and easy to use, supports secondary development and expansion.

-IOT Intelligent Control

Cross-border integration of IOT technology, support PAD control, support for wireless screen casting, support for nine devices with the same screen display.

-More F-Board A highlights, please look forward to January 30th…

Helping the global market to fully recover the trend, ISE2024 CLT is ready to go! At the same time, we are eagerly looking forward to exploring the LED intelligent display program with new and old customers and industry experts, etc. Welcome to visit us at booth 3P150! Join hands to gather momentum, win-win future!

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