Four Seasons Introduces Hotel Luxury Into Consumer Staycations Amid Travel Boom 


While beauty brands have ventured into the realm of hospitality, looking to get a slice of the travel boom, hospitality brands are also seeking to establish a stronger presence with those who aren’t traveling by allowing consumers to recreate the experiences in the comfort of their own homes. 

This strategic shift has allowed companies to leverage their brand equity and expertise to offer consumers a wider range of products. One example of this trend is the Four Seasons Hotel, which ventured into retail by launching its own line of mattresses, bedding, and home items. The foray feels relevant as the hotel represents the kind of luxurious accommodations many dream of staying in and leaves many wondering how they make the Four Seasons experience an experience. 

The Four Seasons Experience  

The Four Seasons, has cultivated its brand over decades and stands as a symbol. By extending its brand into the retail sector, the hotel chain can tap into the loyalty and trust it has built among its guests. When consumers see the Four Seasons logo on a mattress or bedding set, they associate it with the comfort and luxury they have experienced during their stays. 

With that, the Four Seasons has offered customers an opportunity to buy a Four Seasons bed since 2019 but has reinvigorated its offering through a new retail campaign, “Dreams Belong Everywhere.” The campaign spotlights the Four Seasons Signature Sleep collection. 

“Our signature sleep experience is based on a 60-year legacy of innovation in partnership with sleep experts and feedback from the world’s most discerning travelers,” said Julie Bourgeois, senior vice president of retail, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “Our Dreams Belong Everywhere campaign marries our core competency in sleep products and the sense of belonging guests feel at our inspiring hotel destinations. Australian model and actress, Gemma Ward, joins us as our campaign face, perfectly representing the warmth and sincerity that defines Four Seasons.” 

The Opportunity Brands See with Hotels 

Hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel are associated with luxury, comfort and flawless service, achieved through its elegant accommodations and exceptional amenities. This strong reputation has not only won over travelers and discerning consumers. Still, it has also enticed other brands to seek associations driven by the allure of the luxury experience that guests enjoy during their stays. 

To start, Vivrelle, a handbag and accessories rental service, has collaborated with Four Seasons Hotel Houston to offer guests complimentary access to its high-end accessories by prestigious brands such as Prada, Gucci, Dior and others. 

But it’s not just the Four Seasons reaping the benefits of its mission to provide a luxurious stay.  

Equinox Hotel is enhancing its minibars by including items related to sleep, skincare and sexual wellness, alongside the standard offerings of cold water and mixers. 

“We flip the traditional minibar on its head,” said Ara Patterson, vice president of food, beverage, and spa at Equinox Hotels told Glossy in April. 

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Why Brands Bet on Hotel Experiences  

Partnering with hotels can be a strategic move for brands, offering a mutually beneficial opportunity to enhance their visibility, cater to a targeted audience and create a unique, memorable experience for consumers.  

Hotels provide brands access to a diverse and often captive audience of travelers. These guests, whether on business trips, vacations or special occasions, represent a broad spectrum of potential consumers. Partnering with hotels allows brands to showcase their products or services directly to this ready-made customer base. 

Hotel partnerships also offer brands a platform to increase their visibility and brand recognition. 

Collaborating with hotels enables brands to create memorable experiences for guests. Vivrelle’s partnership with Four Seasons Hotel Houston, offering complimentary access to high-end accessories, exemplifies this. By providing access to prestigious brands like Prada, Gucci, and Dior, the hotel enhances the overall guest experience, making their stay more luxurious and enjoyable. This can lead to positive word-of-mouth, reviews, and social media exposure for both the hotel and the brand. 

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