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Fouder is an auto-coded digital asset finance ecosystem based on smart contracts, combining DAO lending in the DIFI space with NFT DEX to build distributed decentralized finance, future: Lending Agreement, Payment Agreement, consensus agreement, convergence mining, Nfnnon governance digital assets and other advantages, PAMT loan mining 130000, Erc777 Tokens, 90% USDT loan mining, 10% market operation, uSDT loans 10 start a maximum one account 1000 loans at any time every day can be returned to the loan currency to get back 90% of the principal, free in and out of the extreme deflation, loans destroyed, aggregation destroyed the final 13,000, CAMT constant issuance 68,000, the timing of the borrowing of Erc777 is determined by the market and may or may not be opened, of which 90% of the borrowing is mining, 3% of the market is operating, 7% of the adding of PAMT funds pool is mobile mining output LAMT constant issue of 2700 pieces, and 90% of the ERC777 is mining by 50% USDT + PAMT + CAMT aggregation, among them, PAMT CAMT is destroyed automatically, 50% USDT5% of the market operation when the loan is repaid, 5% is added to CAMT liquidity pool mining output, a total of 1,300 pieces of non-governance token ERC1155 are produced in the form of fragments, acquired in the way of adding PAMT liquidity mining output, to achieve a one-coin dual mining 1300 market operations 200, the other by adding PAMT liquidity pool to promote the promotion of 5% 3% 2% , 8% of the total daily borrowing will automatically enter the global dividend pool, 8% of the top 15 students by directly promoting the performance of each day to obtain 10% , the remaining 80% of the 90% automatically rolled into the next day, breaking the 2:8 law, any time into the members are the same, there is no order.

The Core Algorithm of mining and liquidity: By 0.5% of the total, by 1% a day until 0.3% , by 0.3% , by 0.1% until 0.1% is no longer until it is finished, over a period of one year and two months, using the USDT Algorithm to borrow every 24 hours for every 24 hours of total mining volume, borrow for 24 hours of mining output, and move for 15 days of mining output, the benefits of static additions to the pool are as follows: 1: Service fee income, 2: CAMT income, 3: NFT debris income, 4: Tokens and NFT appreciation income, 5: daily mining output, one-time pick-up on the 15th, and direct destruction of any coins removed from the pool in the middle of the withdrawal process, the non-curing coinage Angei formation step: 1:50 fragments + 10 PAMT fuel for refining, 2:100 fragments + 10 PAMT fuel for dissolving, 3:150 fragments + 30 pieces + 500 TPAMT fuel for polymerizing, 4: Complete the above three steps to get one complete nangefit fragment and Angei can be traded.

Ultimate goal Dex de-centralizing exchange, from the above four coinage aggregation force to dig out the DEX platform currency by the ratio.

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