Five core principles to good travel and good living


There are, by my accounting, five core principles to good travel. And by travel, for purposes here, I simply mean any effort to explore and experience the world around us – near or far, people or places, city or wilderness, anywhere at all. Though none of the five principles are particularly remarkable, what’s interesting is their relevance to moving around the world day to day – wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. The traveler’s mindset might be a wonderful mindset for living. Maybe the distinction is unnecessary. Maybe we’re always traveling; maybe we’re always home.

John Shea

Traveling generally requires intention, direction, and some planning. It also requires the capacity to let it all go. Buses break down, you meet someone, you get sick, an opportunity presents itself, a tailwind becomes a headwind. We control very little in this world. Though there’s not much you can do about it, you can choose your mindset. You can futilely struggle against it, patiently tolerate it, or embrace and celebrate it. The most joy is in the third option. Intention, direction, and plans are critical to getting our journeys started. Letting go and being open to a world full of variables and adventures is what makes the journey worth living. This is the first principle. Plan, but then let go.

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