First IPFS application in Bi’an uses super-ecological flaming launch–Lucky Biance


IPFS distributed storage technology is being used in the world’s first super meta-universe DEFI ecosystem, powered by Biance. Three distinct communities were created simultaneously on October 15th, 2021: an English community, a Greater China community, and a Korean community.

LBC Lucky Coin Lab came up with the concept of a Lucky BianceMeta Universe. Teams from IPFS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and AR Intelligence make up LBC’s nuclear technology team, as do internationally recognized mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists from well-known R&D institutions like MIT and Harvard.

As the first blockchain platform to integrate IPFS technology, meta-universe, DeFi and NFT, Lucky Biance aims to create the first meta-universe DEFI miner autonomy in the world. It is also a super application project of blockchain 3.0, empowered by the super IP industrial chain.

Lucky Biance is the blockchain technology pioneer! Numerous features of the Lucky Biance DAPP demonstrate its technical advantages and total decentralization. To begin, it is the first DAPP that flawlessly integrates IPFS technology. IPFS distributed storage technology can help protect the security and stability of DAPP data while also increasing the system’s service efficiency. From a user data security standpoint, this can ensure that DAPP ecological data is more secure and stable; from a platform operation and protection standpoint, this can ensure that the platform develops safely and is not impacted by regional human factors. The Lucky Biance ecological system is entirely decentralized and provides complete openness and transparency. Lucky Biance’s domain name utilizes distributed LINK technology, which is untraceable and impervious to harmful attacks. Lucky Biance is also the world’s first super ecosystem, paying close attention to and respecting users’ privacy and security. When users share, they cannot avoid revealing address information. LUCKY BiANCE addresses the issue of users sharing their personal wallet addresses. The technical team created a unique S + DES encryption method that perfectly encrypts and cannot decrypt the user’s personal address information! When users share, they display the codes that have been encrypted, allowing users to share with confidence and comfort, without fear of revealing wallet addresses!

Since its inception, Lucky Biance has been deeply concerned about environmental issues around the world. The temperature had been steadily rising. Lucky Biance plans to build a cooperative mining pool with the global DEFI community in the future. Decentralizing AMM + NFT exchange for new projects in currency security’s intelligent chain, we hope that LUCKYSWAP will provide a more pleasant trading experience and thoughtful and inventive support services in the future.

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