Facemetaverse Near Lab International Consensus Community Alliance is fully launched


2021 has been dubbed the first year of the Metavers, which some have called the “Internet in 3D”, following the initial public offering of Roblox earlier this year.Recently, the concept of the meta-universe once again attracted the attention of the capital market, related concept stocks rose sharply, “metaiverse” has quietly become an investment tuyere, international capital giants have jumped into the track, are eager to become the leader.

Facebook has shown a strong commitment to focus on building the Metaverse. However, Metaverse on a massive scale will not be built overnight by one company, and Facebook will work with policy makers, experts and partners across the spectrum to make this vision a reality.To implement the Metaverse vision, Facebook has created a new product team, led by VishalSh Ah, an Instagram product executive, and Jason Rubin, a Facebook games executive.Facebook will invest a total of $50 million in research projects and partnerships to develop products in a responsible manner.Currently, it has conducted cooperation and research with Organizations such as Organization of American States, Women In Immersive Tech (WIIT), Africa No Filter, Electric South, Imisi3D, And academic institutions such as Seoul National University, University of Hong Kong, University of Singapore, and Howard University.

FMN (Facemetaverse Near) is a governance rights token issued by Facemetaverse Near Laboratory based on blockchain technology to promote the development of Metaverse ecosystem. FMN is also the only governance token of the Facemetaverse near ecosystem.Can be used in virtual space game, NFT auction, virtual satellites, spacecraft, satellite land transactions, trading articles for daily use in the virtual world, FMN issued a total of 99999900, 99% needed by intelligent contract mechanism of output, to reach a consensus mechanism, and quickly start completely decentralized communities, all-round, eventually destroyed by unique mechanisms and protocols for autonomous friction-free production liquidity deflation to 1 million, thus can assign Metaverse ecological development.Facemetaverse near will form a new ecosystem of meta-universe in which digital world and physical world coexist and grow together.

Mainnet is about to enter the internal test, now officially start the global community node registration review, and accept the application of whitelist users.

Official website: http://www.fmn.finance

Community and whitelist application address: [email protected]

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