Eye on Travel – Prague – September 30, 2023


This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is from Prague. Peter has all the travel updates, including the huge blowback to Delta’s recently announced changes to its frequent flyer program — and what this means to you, as well as other airlines. Joanna Kuflik, Director of Travel Services at Marchay, explains why the tipping point for travel pricing may have been reached as pandemic travel adrenaline is wearing off. Then, a look at managing growth (and overtourism) with Marinos Giannopoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece, where tourism makes up 30% of the country’s GDP. And Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the Energy and Environment Alliance, shares the sustainability struggles that exist in the hotel industry and how some places may deceive customers on how environmentally friendly they really are — and what you need to look for every time you travel. There’s all this and more — and answers to your travel questions — on this week’s Eye On Travel from Prague in the Czech Republic.

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