EV Companies Exports in January-April Revealed, NETA Auto Rises to Fourth Place


Under the global energy structure transition, China’s EV industry has expanded rapidly, offering new low-carbon transport to consumers around the world. With its advanced technology and low cost, China’s EV company’s product sales abroad continue to set new records. Among them, NETA Auto, a pioneer of new forces selling overseas, exported a total of 13,694 EVs in January-April 2024, ranking fourth among EV companies and first among new car-making forces.

Ranking of EV exports by Chinese automakers from January to April 2024

Ranking of export volume of EV by new Chinese automakers’companies from January to April 2024

It is reported that, in recent years, NETA Auto has worked out a new model for Chinese EV to go to the world – ‘NETA conquers the overseas markets’, and has achieved remarkable results in localization, domestication and mutual benefit. Besides, NETA Auto adheres to the strategy of‘plowing deeply into ASEAN markets, basing on South America markets, developing the Middle East and Africa markets.’ As early as 2023, NETA Auto’s exports exceeded 20,000 units, leaping to the top of new car-making forces. By 2024, NETA Auto became the first, among new car-making force, to establish three overseas factories in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, forming a diversified overseas layout. In the future, NETA Auto will work with many high-quality local suppliers to realize that‘a new car entering the overseas market drives the whole industry chain overseas.’As for the staffing of overseas factories, more than 95% of NETA Auto’s overseas employees are locals, which effectively increase the local employment rate. Meanwhile, the IP ‘NETA‘ will be combined with the development of the EV industry to sparking a global resonance of the ‘NETA Spirit’.

NETA Auto’s global layout of vehicle manufacturing

At present, NETA Auto’s medium and long term globalization strategy has been initially achieved. Its overseas annual sales are aimed at 100,000 units, service outlets will be located in 40 countries, and sales channels are planned to expand to 350,  which will making NETA Auto a symbol for China’s new EV makers to expand overseas markets.

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