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The Quah Laughs is set make its debut in August, with a goal of creating laughs and smiles among Tahlequah residents.

Justin Mclemore, owner of Full Blood Productions, is a team leader for the new comedy show, “The Quah Laughs,” which take place at The Venue on Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. Mclemore said he wanted to create the stand-up comedy show just for Tahlequah and its surrounding communities so residents can forget about some of their problems.

“[I want people to] just forget, just for a little while, their problems and to have an amazing time, and have a laugh, because with comedy, …some of the truths are some of the funniest things,” said Mclemore. “It just depends on how you look at it, and as comedians, they choose a comedic tone to some of the truths.”

The Quah Laughs will feature four acts, with Jordan Jayi headlining, and Rachel Rose, Dakota Sixkiller, Keland Bearpaw, and Tahlequah resident Nacoti Dushane performing, as well. The Native rap duo, Mike Bone, will be making an appearance, but they will not be performing. While the show is composed of all Native American acts this year, Mclemore is open to including comedians from all backgrounds and walks of life in the future.

Mclemore said he tried to pay attention to the demographic of where the show will be, so he could determine a suitable admission fee.

“Tahlequah is a smaller community, so I wanted to keep it to where you can have a good night for $10,” said Mclemore.

The initial idea for the show has been in the works by Mclemore for the past couple of years. Mclemore said when the COVID-19 pandemic began, he had time to think, and he started to ponder about how Tahlequah did not have a comedy scene. He also noticed some communities had a bit of worry amongst their people.

“There was this, ‘What’s going to happen in the world? What’s this? What’s that?,’” said Mclemore. “There was a lot of that despair in people’s faces as you walked by, and there was no smiling. This wasn’t everybody, but you could just feel the energy from other people.”

Mclemore said he just wanted to help people overcome that worrisome mentality and “bring back laughter.”

The show will be for those 18 years and older and will feature a “dry bar,” at the request of the comedians.

“There was a consensus among all comedians that they wanted the exposure and they wanted more people to come, instead of having a bar with alcohol, so this is definitely a dry bar,” said Mclemore.

Mclemore said depending on the feedback from the show, he may make The Quah Laughs a yearly or biannual event, while possibly creating a more family-friendly show.

“I figured laughter is the best glue for everybody to come together, because when you’re laughing, it’s contagious amongst other people who are like, ‘I want in on that.’ It draws energy from other people,” said Mclemore.

You’re invited

Tickets for The Quah Laughs can be bought at www.thequahlaughs-.ticketbud.com/the-quah-laughs-?_ga=2.41114850. 1755873586.16899096 73-556432960.1689909 673. If issues take place when trying to purchase a ticket, Mclemore said to reach out through [email protected].

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