EEL meta universe is sought after all over the world, and a new section will be launched soon


This year, Zach Burke officially changed Facebook’s name to Meta, taking Metaverse as the company’s main development direction. Up to now, many companies around the world have deployed meta-universe. Japanese social platform GREE has launched meta-universe business. Microsoft is working hard to build a “corporate meta-universe”. ByteDance has acquired VR software and hardware manufacturer Pico. NVIDIA announced the launch of Omniverse, the first basic simulation platform built for Metaverse.

It is technological innovation that has broken the barriers of the world. The meta universe is precisely the best form of presentation in the future. Along with the explosion of the meta universe, Eros Endless also followed. Eros Endless, referred to as EEL, EEL quiz game is its first ecological section. While EEL verifies that it breaks the shackles of traditional games and brings more innovative gameplay feasibility, it also enriches the ecological types of “meta universe”.

Eros Endless is a blockchain game platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) public chain. The biggest feature is its fairness and impartiality. The quiz uses smart contract technology to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the core modules of the game. Each quiz information will be stored on the blockchain through hash encryption, building a relatively fair game environment for players. In Eros Endless, participants transfer the specified EEL to the smart contract address, divide them by lottery, and get distributed rewards randomly.

After being launched for a period of time, EEL has received enthusiastic responses and enthusiastic pursuits from users in all regions of the world. Its reputation has skyrocketed, and EEL value consensus has grown steadily, making it a star project in the digital economy market. Soon, the second section of EEL, “DeFi+NFT”, will be launched globally, which is something to look forward to.

It is EEL that continues to broaden the imaginary boundary of the “meta universe”. It is foreseeable that with the continuous development of the meta universe, the appreciation space of EEL will be even greater, and the prospects are promising.

In the future, EEL will continue to pay attention to the dynamics and development of the meta universe, and follow the EEL planning route to deepen the field of “meta universe + block chain”, and will launch more plans to build the EEL ecology to contribute to the meta universe world.

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