Eangelmarkets cross-chain decentralized derivatives trading platform opens a new era of digital asset derivatives


On October 16, 2021, the U.S. SEC approved the ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF for the first time, trading code BITO, to be listed for trading on October 18. In the eight years from 2013 to the present, the Bitcoin ETF’s application in the SEC has not been approved once. In the cryptocurrency and blockchain boom, the US Securities Regulatory Commission has been rejecting or delaying the arrival of Bitcoin ETFs with slogans such as disrupting market financial order. With the adoption of many Bitcoin ETFs in Europe, South America and other regions, the first Bitcoin futures ETF in the United States is finally coming under constant calls, representing the country with the most abundant capital resources ushered in the first cryptocurrency ETF .

In the following week, the US SEC successively approved three Bitcoin futures ETFs including VanEck and Valkyrie. Bloomberg reported that as of now, 36 cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are awaiting approval from the US SEC.

From last year to this year, institutions began to enter the digital currency market on a large scale, such as the Grayscale Fund, Tesla, the Salvadoran government, etc. Asset management institutions represented by the Grayscale Fund in the United States have allocated hundreds of billions of Bitcoin and Mainstream digital currencies such as Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency has grown to a size that cannot be ignored. According to the market value ranking of listed companies, heavy metals and other assets, Bitcoin is already the world’s top ten asset targets, and its market value surpasses the world’s top companies such as Tesla and Facebook. It has only been more than ten years since its birth. Bitcoin has gone from obscurity to consensus all over the world. During this period, it has experienced hundreds of times of policy suppression by various countries, but it has become an existence that cannot be ignored in the world. Strangulation has never been the best way, but Look at it in a more innovative way and embrace it.

At present, digital currency transactions are emerging globally. A leading digital asset trading platform has even more than A-shares in one day. The number of people who have participated in digital currency transactions exceeds 200 million. The key is that it is still in a period of rapid growth. The amount of asset digitization will be Much larger than the volume of asset securitization.

As we know, after the creation of the basic token, the cryptocurrency world hopes to decentralize the financial transaction part, resulting in DeFi. DeFi has great innovative significance in the blockchain field. It is a major innovation of smart contracts in the blockchain field in traditional finance. It is currently mainly concentrated in decentralized lending, automated market makers, and decentralized transactions. The four major sectors of stock exchange and stable currency issuance have realized the decentralization of financial services and subverted certain service methods of traditional finance. It is a major innovation in the field of financial technology. At present, the ecological lock-up capital of the DeFi sector is close to 250 billion US dollars. With the development of decentralization, there is a high probability that funds will continue to enter the decentralized defi ecosystem.

Eangelmarkets is a template for a new generation of Defi projects. As a new type of seamless cross-chain, full-format decentralized derivatives exchange, it adopts a friendly automatic market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain The exchange protocol can perform cryptocurrency full-currency exchange, cross-chain transfer, and liquidity mining safely, quickly, and at a low cost. Through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, faster transaction speeds and better security can be achieved. Integrity, better liquidity and capital efficiency, provide users with a wealth of derivatives trading services.

The most important thing for a decentralized trading platform is its operation mode. Currently, the main Uniswap, Sushi, Pancake, and dYdX in the market usually use a single type of AMM, order book, and synthetic assets. Judging from the current market situation, AMM seems to be able to provide unlimited liquidity, but the impact cost is higher for traders with large capital volumes and higher price sensitivity. The order book transaction model has extremely high requirements for the performance of matching and transactions, and it is overly dependent on the degree of centralization of market makers. Synthetic assets are essentially contract transactions in the form of collateral or margin. Compared with the single-mode DEX currently on the market, Eangelmarkets is more in line with the realistic requirements and future directions of decentralized trading platforms.

At present, several major DEXs, such as Uniswap and dYdX, have shown rapid growth in value, gaining several or even dozens of times. It can be seen that Eangelmarkets surpasses the current mainstream DEX in terms of technology and products, and its future value is more worth looking forward to.

In my opinion, the core competitiveness supporting the rapid development of Eangelmarkets is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. A new type of seamless cross-chain, full-format decentralized derivatives exchange

Eangelmarkets adopts a full ecological flexible cross-chain technology, and launches a global “cross-chain bridge”. It uses threshold signatures, zero-knowledge proofs, multi-party calculations, node consensus and other technical methods to achieve an essential decentralized asset cross-chain protocol system, supporting ETH, wave Cross-chain transaction and transfer of all technological public chain assets such as card, BSC, HECO, Okex, etc.

Eangelmarkets has a wide range of product types, supporting decentralized spot transactions, futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance and other derivatives transactions. It not only supports virtual currency contract transactions, but also supports synthetic assets and traditional foreign exchange stock transactions. Diversified investment transaction needs of users.

2. Efficient/convenient/safe/smooth trading experience

Eangelmarkets innovatively launched the industry’s first “composite contract”, which combines on-chain technology and off-chain products. Users transfer funds to the exchange contract address through smart contracts to perform contract operations. After the transaction, the principal or profit is transferred To the personal wallet address, the profit of the contract platform truly enters the smart contract fund pool. Introduce the core technology of the world’s advanced financial trading tool MT5 exchange to provide users with a powerful flexible trading system with professional technical analysis, advanced market depth, and faster and more stable trading experience, ensuring that users can quickly, conveniently, safely and smoothly Conduct contract transactions.

3. more innovative ways to play

We are now at the beginning of the web3.0 era, which combines the decentralization of web1.0 and the spirit of community governance with the advanced and modern functions of web2.0. Web3.0 is an Internet owned by builders and users, and careful planning is achieved through tokens.

Eang, the native token of the Eangelmarkets platform, can be used for various services in the Eangelmarkets platform, including participation in cross-chain transactions, liquidity mining, Farming, IDO, and so on. The platform has formulated many liquid mining methods + deflation mechanism, and effective lock-up tokens will promote the increase of EAng’s market value. Farming+NFT+ leveraged/lending products, online IDO and other derivatives continue to attract users to participate. The more users participate, the more Eang rewards and rights will be obtained. This will create a self-contained virtuous ecological cycle. The system enables the platform and participants to unite and work together towards a common goal-platform development and token appreciation.

4. Professional management team:

The project team is composed of scholars and senior professionals with multiple professional backgrounds in the financial and IT industries from Europe, Asia, and North America. The team has rich project operation experience and has successfully operated NEO, Ontology, EOS, TRX It has accumulated more than 200,000 community users inside and outside Shanghai, and has rich media and KOL resources at home and abroad, laying the foundation for the huge traffic of the platform.

Eangelmarkets cross-chain decentralized derivatives trading platform, through a new top-level financial ecosystem design, innovative application of emerging blockchain technology, diversified digital asset allocation services, to open up the most potential digital asset derivatives field and the world’s advanced The MT5 trading system has innovatively launched many “killer” applications, and its financial innovation products and services for digital assets will open a new era of digital asset derivatives!

Eangelmarkets started here, but it doesn’t stop there. Technology is changing the world, and technology is also changing your and my lives. Only by actively embracing this change and actively seeking change can we keep pace with the times.

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